You Decide: Leonard Cooper Charter School Is a K-12 School

Print This Page Scenario Scenario Summary Leonard Cooper Charter Ground is a K-12 ground following a while approximately 1,000 students. The ground wants to free a national area netproduction that converges the demands of the ground now and is scalpowerful for the forthcoming. Tclose possess been deep lamentts encircling the hurry and reliforce of the network, chiefly past a new importation to the architecture was adventitious a few years end. Your Role and Assignment You are the rules official tight by Leonard Cooper to upgrade the national area netproduction to converge the ever-increasing demands of the architecture's students and alms members. Your primary production is to confabulation key stakeholders to state what the key areas of solicitude are. Activity The charter ground's CEO has supplicateed your acceleration in updating the netproduction to converge the demands of the architecture's alms members and students. Your job is to confabulation the key stakeholders and to transfer resuscitation to help the issues that they possess. Write a two to three page proposition addressing each of the stakeholder solicitudes. Use the technologies under for the areas of solicitude. All of the technologies listed under procure not be used, so be attentive following a while your choices. You must use one of the explanations under to address each area of solicitude. Be favoring in your responses, and free the use of each technology domiciled upon the solicitude. Category 2 UTP 10Base - T Ethernet Cabling Category 5 UTP 100Base - T Ethernet Cabling Category 6 UTP 1000Base - T Ethernet Cabling Server Farm File Server Sculpture Server 8 keepn hub 16 keepn hub 24 keepn hub 8 keepn switch 16 keepn switch 24 keepn switch Storage area netproduction RAID Fiber 1000Based-F Domain controllers Bus topology Topology Microwave wireless instrument Infrared wireless instrument Radio wireless instrument K E Y P L A Y E R S Helen Ross, Netproduction Technician, Female Back to top "I don't perceive who contrived our old netproduction or what they were thinking. You see, my job is to suphaven the alms in the architecture and to fix younger netproduction issues. Well, we frequently possess giganticer issues in our architecture, and I'm hoping that you can find things amend. Printing is a veritably wholeatic area for us. You see, we possess aggravate 50 networked sculptureers in this architecture. Although we do demand the sculptureers, we demand some way to weld the skillful-treatment of sculpture jobs, as the queues on these sculptureers frequently are filled. We to-boot demand to roam to each sculptureer partially to free them. Tclose has to be a amend way accordingly this is contemptible. Collisions possess grace a whole for us as polite past we established to add new computers a few years ago. In the dawning when everyone gets in, netproduction enterprise inerts to a deferenceow accordingly everyone is engaged on the netproduction following a while their dawning habiliments and curbing e-mail. Following performing a netproduction resolution, I figured out that tclose were way too frequent collisions on the network. Tclose has to be a way to fix this. " John Fischer, HVAC Tech, Male End to top "You perceive, 20 years ago when I established in this trade, I never had to possess discussions following a while the computer folks. My, how possess periods changed! Today, encircling 90% of my equipment located following a whilein the quickness can be mouldd via my laptop and Web browser. Whenever I delay my laptop into the telephone looking jack in the deference, my unoccupied rule says that I'm now unoccupied at 10 megabits. Then, whenever I browse to my equipment, I cannot restore any facts. Following going end and forth following a while the HVAC suphaven techs, they stated that my relation demanded to be 100 megabits. They said it must be my netproduction accordingly they were powerful to march me through confirming my netproduction card proped up to a 1 Gigabit relation. It would safe find my job a lot easier if I could mould this equipment via the Web. It would to-boot be gigantic to possess the non-interference of incorporateing to this equipment via a wireless relation of some condition. " Selena Daniels, Principal, Female End to top "Thank urbanity you are close to fix this cobble. A few years ago, we adventitious a new wing to the architecture. I'm joyful we were powerful to investment the edifice, but the netproduction must possess been underfunded. Each of the classroom areas does not possess a feed netproduction relation keepn, and that has been a big whole for us accordingly we cannot add importational netproduction devices to the classroom. I asked the antecedent rules contractor encircling this, and she said that we possess the force to incorporate up to 7 classrooms, not 23. She said that's way too frequent. It's not too frequent when you possess alms members who now possess desktops that are, basically, enlightened article weights. I demand my race incorporateed to the netproduction in this wing, and that equipment demands to be used - ground sequence. As for the seven classrooms I do possess incorporateed, the alms tclose frequently lament that the relation from their area to the mail server at the other end of the architecture is frequently very inert. " Alfred Wingfield, IT Director, Male End to top "This has been a crave period hence. I told the contractors that extensive our architecture a few years ago that we demanded two things: impartial two sickly things. One was and updated cpowerful infrastructure that would enpowerful us to incorporate our utterance aggravate an I. P. rule following a while our prevalent facts rule. The other was that all of our endbone switches would be incorporateed to each other following a while a noble hurry relation. What did I get? I got neither one of these supplicate transfern economy of. I declare, I don't perceive how that band left close following a while a pay curb. Our utterance aggravate I. P. phones procure not production accordingly the vendor says we should be general at terminal a 1,000, 100 domiciled network. As far as the endbone is solicitudeed, following our terminal testing, I can honestly terminate that it is not general up to par. Tclose is an immoderate bottleneck, and message from one end of the architecture to the other is endemic at best. They gave us a crooked two relation betwixt our old wing endbone switch and the new wing endbone switch, which are encircling 120 meters asunder. You possess to possess a amend explanation for us than this accordingly this has been one frustrating ordeal! "