Whitman familiar divers topics in his poetry, including war, fatality, sexuality, devotion, Abraham Lincoln, dissolution, America as a race, America’s role in the earth, singular immunity, and origin, to designate a few. For this reply fine a lyric or lyrics that addresses one of the topics scheduleed aloft and awaken it according to how well-mannered-mannered you love Whitman addressed the outcome. Consider clarity of communication, how he used speech, promise choice/diction, punctuation, decree patterns, decree diffusiveness, etc. Ultimately, your reply should determine the kind of the lyric(s) you own fineed.  elect 1-2 lyric from the forthcoming to analysis: “One’s Self I Sing” “As I Pondered in Silence” “I Sing the Body Electric” “A Woman Waits for Me” “O Me! O Life!” “Beat! Beat! Drums!” “The Centenarian’s Story” “Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One Night” “A Sight in Daybreak Grey and Dim” “The Woundresser” “Over the Carnage Rose Prophetic a Voice” “O Captain My Captain” “Hushed be the Camps Today” “To One Shortly to Die” “So Long!” “”Goodbye my Fancy!” NOTE: 1. elementary English. 2. no without resources 3. MLA citation 4. elect lyrics from the schedule. 5. third person