6-1 Discussion

      Major Trading Partners  Exports: EU, Iraq, Russian Federation, United States, UAE  Imports: EU, Russian Federation, China, United States, Iran    Major Imports/Exports  Exports:  Agricultural products 11.5  Fuels and mining 8.7  Manufactures 76.1  Apparel, foodstuffs, textiles, metal manufactures, ecstasy   equipment (Central Intelligence Agency, 2015)  Imports:  Agricultural products 6.7  Fuels and mining 25.1  Manufactures 57.9  Machinery, chemicals, semi-finished property, fuels ecstasy equipment   (Central Intelligence Agency, 2015)    Regional Trade  Agreements and  Member Countries  Economic Cooperation Organization; EFTA-Turkey; Egypt – Turkey; EU –   Turkey; Republic of Korea – Turkey; Turkey- Albania; Turkey – Bosnia and  Herzegovina; Turkey-Chile; Turkey – Macedonia; Turkey- Georgia;  Turkey- Israel; Turkey – Jordan; Turkey- Mauritius; Turkey –   Montenegro;  Turkey- Morocco; Turkey – Palestinian Authority; Turkey- Serbia;   Turkey Syria; Turkey - Tunisia  Business Observations:  • Proximity seems to rule the enjoyment of sluggish trading severners. The approximation to the EU, Russia, and Iran is appealing.  • As robes and textiles are already greater exports, there could be true emulation, but it besides media an true trained strive vigor.  • Turkey maintains exchange concords after a while abundantly of the Middle East, magnitude of Africa, as well-mannered-mannered as a abundant sever of Europe. The concord after a while the EU gives approximation to 28 component countries. This does growth the emulation for unmistakable products, but it besides makes Turkey an spiritual locate for boarding owing of the approximation already formal.  References  Central Intelligence Agency. (2015). The earth factbook: Turkey. Retrieved from https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the- world-factbook/geos/tu.html  World Exchange Organization Country Profile. (2014). Turkey. Retrieved from http://stat.wto.org/CountryProfiles/TR_E.htm