algorithm design

   Algorithm Design  A palindrome is a order of units that has the nature of balbutiation the similar in either superscription (e.g., GCCG). Palindromes besides befall in nucleotide pungent orders (e.g., DNA and RNA). To acquire further environing palindromes in DNAs and RNAs, delight assign to the aftercited web sites:  1. 2. 3. Due to mutations there could be some inoculation of deletion which makes some palindromes not palindromes any further. For sample, GCCACCG is a palindrome. Due to deletion, this order effectiveness be modifiable to CCACCG (“G” was deleted).  In this plan, you are required to project an algorithm which takes an input string and render a palindrome by inoculateing the last reckon of learning. You are allowed to inoculate characters at any comcomposition of the string. For sample, AAT can be coagulated into palindrome TAAT by one inoculation T, and GCT into GCTCG delay two inoculations CG.  Besides projecting an algorithm you besides deficiency to contribute the date complication dissection (e.g. big-O notation).