Alternative Medicine Paper

  Allopathic Tenor Procedures vs. Alternative Tenor Procedures Pick a plight (Example: Herniated Disc Pain) Discuss the signs and symptoms of the plight Discuss/Outline tenor procedures executed by an Allopathic Physician Discuss/Outline tenor procedures executed by THREE incongruous Alternative Health Care Physicians Summarize and Compare the tenor procedures of the Allopathic Physician and the Three Alternative Physicians. Also involve time/frequency of tenors and costs associated for each. Select your Alternative Physicians from any of the Categories that keep been identified in the size. Example: Manipulative Therapies: Chiropractic Physician Eastern Therapies: Manipulative Therapies: Natural Therapies: Mind-Body Therapies: Energy Therapies: Papers conciliate be graded according to the developed criteria: 25%: Correct and bearing pleased pertaining to course 25%: Correct spelling/grammar of all notification presented 25%: Clarity of purpose, countenance and presentation 25%: Correct use of APA name and format, including references This is an APA name word and should be; 3-4 pages in tediousness, enfold spaced, expression muniment, times roman and 12 pt. font. You must involve at last one peer-reviewed chronicle word from the EU library. Please involve at last 4 references. THANK YOU