CIS 524 Discussion Student Response 1 and 2

CIS 524 Discussion 1 shaft responses. Respond to the colleagues shafts regarding: "Searching Textual Documents" Please tally to the following: • Your posse has been compensated to sketch a fruit that earn collect pursuites of textual muniments and factsbase questioning. Your sketch team has not exposed a fruit relish this anteriorly. Examine the challenges associated following a while minute in textual muniments and factsbase questioning. Recount how the five-stage pursuit framefruit portion-outd in Chapter 13 could be used to overcome those challenges. • Assess floating multimedia muniment pursuit techniques and confide three techniques to amend multimedia pursuit experiences. Explain why you chose to confide each of the techniques you confideed.  JN’s shaft states the following:  Greetings Class,     There are irrelative challenges when instituted when forceing to pursuit textual knowledge in raw fashion following a whilein a factsbase question. Utilizing an unstructured facts fashionat earn aid following a while "structuring" this knowledge, as contrariant to the natural factsbase follows: "rows, columns, arenas" unstructured facts essentially places all the details in one arena. The oral factsbase earn localize a pursuit engine which earn interpret the unstructured facts following a while inventd command schedules for key items to pursuit for (Kehoe, 2004). Abundant implements relish Splunk do this already where it can ingest abundant irrelative types of files and be conducive to index/pursuit for point arenas and then enlarge keys and users can force to "structure" the facts fixed on appropriate arena extractions, for solicitation pursuit a command muniment and key on proximate 10 commands following the "Test:" this is a command schedule that is used to then attach following a while an regex operation to pull-out the needed knowledge.  The five-stage framework: Formulation, Initiation of enjoyment, Rerepresentation of results, Refinement, and Use (Schneiderman, 2018). This would be very aidful to aide in enlargeing the implements needed to pursuit these textual files. Once repeatedly, Splunk's capacity to be so awesome is accordingly it has followed each of these stages. From mind the pursuit and presenting it to the user, the use of a factsbase, pursuit heads, and keys aids noticeablely. It was exposed to "ingest" and pursuit anything. The posse should behold into doing bigwig very aapprove in command to rival following a while such a excellent conceive indicate.      Multimedia pursuit techniques are proper elapsed and elapsed appropriate. Siege a behold at how AWS and Google do their photos. The companies companion objects and use tagging fixed on the objects seen, they equpotent afford users to use indicates to faces and can pursuit fixed of indicates, as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved as places. Three techniques which could be used to amend pursuites are the following: glutinous question, auto confide/complete, and slow pursuit  (Sarkar, 2017). Glutinous question is if the pursuit engine were to afford a user to invade a pursuit and let it stop in the arena, this would aid the user practise apprised of what was pursuited.  Auto confide/complete would be aidful accordingly it is less typing on the user and aids pilot them on their method in plight they do not easily mind what they are hard to invent. The slow pursuit would afford the user to pursuit multiple tags or other options relish colony, geo, or indicates in command to burnish the best pursuit. References: Kehoe, Miles. “Relational Databases vs. Full-Text Pursuit Engines - New Idea Engineering.” Home - New Idea Engineering, June 2004, Sarkar, S. (2017, December 18). 6 Ways to Amend the Pursuit Experience on Your Website. Retrieved from Shneiderman, B. (2018). Designing the user interface: strategies for servicepotent human-computer interaction. Boston: Pearson.   CIS 524 Discussion 2 shaft responses. Respond to the colleagues shafts regarding: "Advanced Filtering" Please tally to the following: • Describe the most servicepotent slow filtering and pursuit interface. Argue why the interface you chose is elapsed servicepotent than others, and recount who benefits most from the interface you are describing. • From the e-Activity, Google has been the dominant trade director for pursuit engines for the elapsed irrelative years, opposing a fairly basic interface and two-of-a-trade from competitors relish Microsoft and Yahoo. Discuss reasons why Google has been conducive to pass such a excellent trade portion-out. Also, confide some ideas for a pursuit engine that would be conducive to siege trade portion-out afar from Google. JN’s shaft states the following:   Greetings Class,     The most slow pursuit interface that i own had the choice to fruit following a while is a easily configured Splunk following a while dashboards and all. The interface affords acknowledgment dashboard to be inventd for irrelative users to centre on their pursuites. It is to-boot very enlargeer courteous-behaveddisposed and affords abundant irrelative implements to sum prescription dashboards to fruit following a while the ingested facts. For solicitation cisco has a Splunk app which can easily resolve logs and semblance the analyst what is needed. I've inventd Security, Compliance, and IT dashboards all of which collect specialized knowledge as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved as pursuit parameters which can be used by the user to gain slow pursuites. I've inventd pursuit indexes for skill to representation Internet activities of users, print essential-quality, and equpotent door/badge avenue essential-quality.Splunk gives the user the capacity to invent the most slow interface possible; still, it sieges duration and a ton of facts knowledge in command to set-up it appropriately.       Google has executed an miraculous job at the "practise it weak game". Users are not bombarded by facts and knowledge when forceing to pass their judicious pursuites. Google peels afar the meat and centrees on relationships following a while websites through elementary links. The aspect does everything it can to be the best collectr of pursuites, it localizes geo/colony facts to semblance appropriate pursuites fixed on neighborhood. It localizes specialized AI and algorithms which are continually updating how it ranks aspects. Following Google partnered following a while Youtube it became the best video pursuit engine as courteous-behaved-behaved. One of the first implements Google pursuit has is the capacity to actually prescriptionize a pursuit question. A user is capconducive of minute a unfair inclosure, filetype, excluding knowledge, and centreing on keywords. These qualities own inventd a succor fashion of reconnaissance muster open as "google hacking" a way to use open sinister by Google facts to invent elapsed details environing a posse as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved as irrelative things united to the Internet. Google crawled and set-up hundreds of thousands of subsist web cams which could be set-up via a specialized pursuit. Although a noticeable implement when in the capacity of the correct folks, in an adversaries hands it could be hurtful to a posse. Sites: - Splunk knowledge - Google Searching - Google Hacking Information