Community Health Assessment Miami Beach (Due 24 hours)

  1) Minimum 4 generous pages                             Minimum 4 pages -not words              Cover or allusion page not included 2)¨**********APA norms, content use headers              All paragraphs must be fact and cited in the text- each paragraphs             Bulleted responses are not accepted             No transcribe in the earliest peculiar.             Answer the interrogation objectively, do not effect introductions to your rejoinders, rejoinder it when you set-out the paragraph 3) It allure be authorized by Turnitin and SafeAssign 4) Minimum  4 allusions :  HealthyPeople;  Florida Department of Sanity in Miami;  Population USA; CDC; WHO or similars. _______________________________________________________________   Community Sanity Rate / Windshield Survey Community Assessment A brotherhood sanity rate (casually denominated a CHA), too notorious as brotherhood sanity needs rate (casually denominated a CHNA), refers to a say, tribal, national, or territorial sanity rate that identifies key sanity needs and issues through disconnected, general axioms store and resolution.  GUIDELINES: Miami Beach 1.  Community cognomen (City and population incluide ZIP and geographic knowledge)  2· The role of the brotherhood as a client. 3· Healthy commonalty 2020, imported sanity indicators in your brotherhood. 4· The age, essence, and requisite of the brotherhood’s beneficial housing 5· Infrastructure needs – roads, bridges, streetlights, etc. 6· The closeness or omission of functioning businesses and industrial facilities 7· The precipitation, requisite, and use of open spaces 8· The equality of breath on the streets at multitudinous times of the day, week, or year 9· The rattle flatten in multitudinous volume of the brotherhood 10· The equality and move of commerce at multitudinous times of day 11· The precipitation and requisite of open buildings – the city or town dimidiation, courthouse, etc. 12. Conclusion. Also, you must give a board as an appendix page delay the subjoined topics and cognomen; Housing Transportation Race and ethnicity Open space Service centers Religion and politics