Dr. J.M. Kenoyer on the Indus Civilization

ASSIGNMENT 2: "Dr. J.M. Kenoyer on the Indus Civilization"  Submission Deadline, September 13 This is a Web assignment.  Go to https://www.harappa.com/experts/jonathan-mark-kenoyer 1.  Interpret the fissafe remarks on Jonathan M. Kenoyer 2.  At the depth of the page, click on INTRODUCTION.   This get assume you to the essay, "A Brief Introduction to the Ancient Indus Civilization."      As you interpret this paragraph, be safe to click on the subjoined incorporates in the paragraph,  a.  Harappa (Section 1) b.  Mohenjo Daro (beneath "Cities and Context") c.  Great Bath of Mohenjo Daro (beneath "Cities and Context") d.  Indus Civilization (beneath "Cities and Context") e. Harappa  (beneath "Cities and Context") f.  Charles Masson (beneath "Meluhha")      3.  After interpreting this embodied:      1.  produce a digest of the solution of the embodied, and              2.  illustrate on three topics that particulary careful you. The patience incorporate is located in the WEEK 4 fill. POINTS: 3 DEADLINE:  Sept. 13 WORDS: Approximately 700 words (650-750 as inferior and surpassing limits) FORMAT:  Paragraph (essay diction).  Be safe to response twain 1) and 2) beneath b.                  Also, delight double-space.