IT Business

  You may not accept noticed that the epithet of the round is "Enterprise Architecture", while the epithet to the extract bulk is "Enterprise Information Architecture" (I didn't cull the extract bulk, but understand a few of the authors and imagine it is a good-tempered-tempered extract).  That being said, your assignment this week is to rejoinder the subjoined questions by posting your rejoinders to this training tenor.  Remember, my restriction of dissectnership (~ 15% of your space) is not singly submitting your rejoinders, but as-well that you decipher and observe intelligently to each others rejoinders. 1) What is Enterprise Architecture?  What is Enterprise Information Architecture?  What is the sympathy between the two or are they the similar invention? 2) Along the similar lines as #1 overhead, what encircling Systems Architecture?  Software Architecture?  Similarities and differences amongst all lewd? 3) Finally, why is Enterprise Architecture great? Hint: You are encouraged to *research* your rejoinders artifice on *all* representative you accept serviceable to you.  Do not plagiarize, but including cited restrictions is most surely withhold and *synthesizing* representative is encouraged as dissect of the tuition order.  Also, I don't scantiness to singly see the bulk restriction and wikipedia,.. the principal bin is going to catch the low hanging reward making it a bit harder on the succeeding posts ;-)  I would anticipate to see some supported declaration to any restriction that you capability furnish.