Lessons Learned

2 pages Recall that in the Unit 1 IP, you illustrative your lore theme ideas and drafted your whole, resolve, and scrutiny (the Trio). Then at Symposium I, you had the opening to further disclose and burnish the theme and Trio announcements. Now you scarcity to muniment your result from Symposium and argue how and why you made those modifications. Write a Nursing Dissertation that describes your primal thoughts and ideas for your dissertation lore and the changes to Trio announcements of whole, resolve and scrutiny established on your result at Symposium.Your Nursing Dissertation should apprehend the following:State your primary lore ideas cognate to your theme and why you are animated in this theme.  State your primary whole announcement, lore resolve, and lore scrutiny.  State your revised lore theme and whole, resolve and lore scrutiny.  Discuss what you well-informed at Symposium that succored you burnish the theme and Trio announcements.  How obtain the result that you did at Symposium succor you movement in profound the attainment and abide making movement toward your dissertation?  Support your whole, resolve, and lore scrutiny by summarizing the attainment that you keep already reviewed and the attainment that you ascititious from your result at Symposium cognate to your theme.  Cite at smallest 3 peer-reviewed articles using APA format.