Please decipher and succor me to transcribe 2 responses(3-4 sentences) on the subjoined discussions :  1.    Maya Angelou was a dowager of abundant magnitude. I was frank delay some of her singerry. However, she was over than proportioned a singer. She was an innovator, a role design. The things that she courtly distinctly at a occasion where racism was so protuberant, she talked environing using the “black” library at a occasion that if you were African American you were looked at unequally and treated unequally. She persevered and rose aloft it. I bear-in-mind when I was in primary teach I had to tell one of her lays at an constellation. I was possibly 5 or 6. I bear-in-mind it being so mighty. The designate of the lay was, Still I Rise. Now that I bear decipher some over environing her objective fcogent and some of the things she had been through and subdue, it was momentous for me to decipher the lay again. I bear to say that as an adult I was cogent to apprehend It reform and it proved to be proportioned as mighty. In her meeting she also quoted the achievements of other masters, she made hint of some of the achievement that revealed her. She was a courteous acquainted as an master and achievement as an activist and tutor was extraordinary. 2.I obtain add.