For this assignment, you obtain assess the grafting needs for the birth in the scenario and expand a tender to oration the needs. The scenario:     You bear of-late been appointed as the grafting director for the southeastern analysis of a superior supermarket manacle in the U.S. Your region grasps fifteen vend abundances and your service involves afloat undeviatingly after a while abundance directors and other stakeholders to expand grafting solutions to unite the favoring needs of the employees in the multitudinous abundances. This grasps, but is not scant to, performing needs assessments, determining embezzle instructional drawing and grafting gift methods, and tooling and evaluating grafting starts. Three of the abundances in your region bear missed their sales goals for the latest two quarters. All three abundances bear current low customer-satisfaction scores and are experiencing increased employee turnover rates. The elevated employee turnover has resulted in the abundance directors hiring divers new and proportionately strange sales associates, which prefer contributes to the collection. The main treatment team of this superior supermarket manacle believes that grafting and expandment may succor relieve these collections. You bear been asked to assess the grafting needs and expand a tender to oration the birth in the three abundances. Tasks: Using literary resources and what you bear versed, transcribe an 8- to 10-page grafting tender including the following: Using unblended heuristics, realize the indicators and collections accustomed by the three abundances that can be established through grafting. As a sunder of you grafting tender, drawing a grafting tender and realize three favoring grafting starts that you would confide for these employees. Make firm to grasp in your tender the expected outcomes for the three grafting starts. Select one of the three grafting starts you signed and expand a budget of the estimated costs to tool this start (grasp this in your developed grafting tender).