Micro Mod 3 SLP

Module 3 - SLP PATHOGENICITY, IMMUNOLOGY AND EPIDEMIOLOGY For this SLP, you obtain argue the concern of epidemiology to open bloom. Reexploration one prevalent illustration of a disorder rebellion and how scholarship of its epidemiology can acceleration bloom custody professionals guard tribe from disorder. (HINT: The CDC and WHO websites are laudable sources of notification for this subject-matter). You obtain confer-upon your clarified disorder rebellion as a Powerpoint confer-uponation by addressing the subject-matters underneath: The aftercited coheres are accelerationful guides on using PowerPoint. PowerPoint 101: Everything You Need to Make a Basic Delivery (this contrivance is large for twain Mac and PC users): http://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/powerpoint-101-everything-you-need-to-make-a-basic-presentation--cms-19541 The Microsoft Office cohere underneath has divers tutorials on Powerpoint from how to get afloat to concomitant techniques for delayed users: PowerPoint Links Slide 1: Name and narrate the microorganism (bacteria or virus) chargeable on for the rebellion. Briefly begin your readers to the truth of the disorder rebellion. Provide an shadow of the efficient deputy (microorganism). Slides 2-3: Where has the rebellion been plant globally? Where has it been plant in the United States? Narrate the peculiar locations. Provide at definite one shadow of its prevalent division. Slide 4: How is the efficient deputy infections to humans? Slides 5-6: What are the symptoms of the disorder caused by the microorganism? What does the clinical confer-uponation seem approve in unnatural patients? What are the complications? Slide 7: How is it diagnosed? What tests are used? Slides 8-9: How is the disorder treated? What restorative measures are being used concentratively or globally to moderate advenient rebellions? What is the CDC doing to moderate the rebellion? Slide 10: Include any concomitant sensational basis or figures environing the disorder rebellion or efficient deputy. Slide 11: References.  SLP Assignment Expectations For this SLP Assignment you obtain educe a PowerPoint confer-uponation that is approximately 11 slides in extension and addresses the requirements outlined over. Place the extract containing the answers to the questions over in the slide area. Do a Google exploration to meet shadows to aid the postulates required and/or use shadows you bear cool from the former modules. Be believing your definite slide includes the unmeasured references for any notification or shadows used in your confer-uponation. Please see the rubric for a entire denomination of grading criteria.