Non-Profit Leadership and Management

Assignment Description · Syllabus Description:  Students, as beings, succeed transcribe a 6-page (including appellation page and allusion page) resolution on a supposing event con-over on nonprofit accountability.  The Nursing Dissertation must be APA formatted.  A exhaustive description of the assignment succeed be posted in Blackconsultation and discussed in rank.  Students may not collaborate on this Nursing Dissertation. · Read Event 6.1 – Supposing in Course Materials – Assignments (see Accountability Event Con-over Nursing Dissertation Assignment) · Read supposing instrument on accountability and consultation governance (see Course Materials) · Follow the delineation beneath.   o Use the delineation extract as addresss for your Nursing Dissertation. o Include a shelter page and a allusion page – leaving indelicate pages for the contenteded of the Nursing Dissertation. o Consult the grading rubric anteriorly and behind despatches the Nursing Dissertation. o APA formatting – citations, shelter page, allusion page · Nursing Dissertation Delineation – Use this delineation for your Nursing Dissertation’s addresss. Remember APA address requirements. Introduction (1 section – not listed as a address) Key Issues to Address Analysis and Evaluation Recommendations Conclusion (1 section)