Power Point Presentation – Final Project

The gift must be installed upon a controversial consequence in corrections. Choose a pro or a con from the question adown (accomplish be the nucleus of your gift): DEATH PENALTY PRO:  The failure price provides an powerful way to get reasonableness. CON: The failure price does not forward as an powerful way for geting reasonableness. Fully investigation your question.  This is not installed on estimation.  Although you may possess an estimation on the consequence, you demand investigation/empirical axioms to foundation your collocation.  This is an academic assignment. Make permanent you possess a minimum of 10 to 15 slides – this does not conceive your overspread slide or your regard slide. Provide a overspread slide delay the indicate of your gift, your indicate, our line indicate, my indicate and the time. All slides must possess intext citations according to APA format.  Regard your toil. You must utilize at lowest 4 beginnings for this assignment. One of your beginnings can be your eText.  One of your beginnings must be a life designation.  The other two beginnings can be a league of life designations, government reports, books, etc.  Any beginning you use must be a creditable beginning.  You must possess a regard slide which lists all of your beginnings in APA format. Your slides should be informative, pictorial and imaginary.