principles of marketing

  In this part you conciliate be completing the foremost two sections of a Strategic Marketing Plan. This contemplation is to be established on your New Shoes Simulation crew. Marketing Contemplation Section I: Situation Partition (Internal and Environmental Analysis)   Assignment Parameters Accurate name and intimation of all concepts and theories skilled from the progress representative. Practical examples of concepts that transfer to a constant profit in the question. Synthesis of concepts and theories from other progress activities. Well-organized, distinctly presented toil ( loose from unreasonable spelling and exact errors) Properly cited sources using APA 6th edition. Ensure use of the assignment rubric, template, and guidelines (attached) Assignment Objectives Determine a effect aid using the marketing mix. Prepare a strategic marketing contemplation. Conduct an inner and superficial partition of the perseverance.  Conduct a competitive partition. Understand the marketing mix in enjoin to direct a forcible strategic marketing contemplation for an construction. The inner partition (crew narrative) Market Name (competitor's partition) Current Marketing Mix Description/Situation ( Existing Product, Price, Distribution, Promotion) The environmental partition (SWOT- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Marketing Contemplation Section II Objectives and issues: at last 2 objectives (restricted and measurable) Marketing Strategy:  Branding Positioning Target Market (Market Segmentation)