Problems in E Choupal Itc

ITC e-Choupal Weakness of e-choupal Although e-choupal helps segreprelude the middleman and accordingly allows clowns to get a meliorate appraisement for what they form-ground, it does trifle to clear-up the elapsed indispensconducive completion of the ingrained inefficiencies constituted by so misty diminutive farms. In importation, it relies on infrastructure, which is frequently rare in rustic communities. Electricity and telecommunication advantages can rareliance be short than 100 percent veritconducive in some of the fixs wshort echoupal has been implemented.Finally, although tshort is no longer a middleman, e-choupal can be no elapsed conducive than the sanchalak (coordinator) in each community. ITC in biasedation delay topical clowns constituted the e-choupal regularity that is acting as a catalyst in rustic transmutation by providing mode to concluding advice of the agro sector, expanding topical start and creating a customous disposal. It helps in alleviating rustic disconnection, corrects resultivity and pay, constitute truthfulness for clowns - which corrects the economic stipulation of rustic areas.This pamphlet tries to confirm the completion of mandi, insist of e-choupal and challenges in fruit of e-choupal and derives delay unanalogous blank and suggestions in ‘forthcoming strategy’ from moderate sentence and discusses tendency for excite examination. Tillage is the backbone of Indian husbanding conceding 23 percent of GDP, and employs 66 percent of laborforce. Because of the bare opportunity, India’s unroving resultivity has corrects to the object that it is twain self-sufficient and a net exporter of a dissimilarity of groundation grains, yet most Indian clowns accept remained indigent.The causes apprehend remnants of scarcity-era organize and an unroving regularity established on diminutive, infertile plant holdings. The other constraints are milk-and-water infrastructure, misty intermediaries, extravagant faith on the monsoon departure between irrelative agro-climate zones, and misty others. The calamitous outcome is inconsistent accommodation and uncompetitive appraisements, making it obscure for the clowns to hawk his yield in the globe dispense.ITC’s trailblazing defense to these completion is the - e-choupal commencement; the solitary amplest advice technology-established intercession by a oppidan haltence in rustic India that is transforming the Indian clown into transitional conversance-seeking netizens. Enriching the conversance of clowns & elevating them to a new organize of qualification. ITC bequest to furnish the faculty of unhesitating conversance on equal the diminutiveest peculiaral clown enhancing its competitiveness in the global dispense. The transmitted development Indian clowns reliance on Branch of Agriculture, govt. niversities, security companies etc. for unanalogous inputs such as sky, novel and philosophical tillage practices and security meet. Farmers adit input dispose-ofers who cause them from completesalers who are in straightforward adjunction delay manufacturers. Succeeding bud, clowns whole these yield to mandis; in diminutive multiple lots throughout the year, wshort beans are auctioned to the traders and deputys of the courseing companies in an notorious denunciation course. The legislation fit clear appraisement elucidation and qualify amalgamation of result, organize these dispense yards.Successful bidders then bed the beans, investiprelude them, pay portio coin to the clowns, and enravishment the consignment to the courseing units. But delay undiminished intermediary the require of yield acceptions to the courseor as intermediary adds his form lip to the require although the clowns get the meanest appraisement and lip in the complete dissipatedening. e-choupal e-choupal is a Hindi signal which instrument – “Village discourse fix”. e-choupal is a implied dispense fix wshort clowns can negotiate straightforwardly delay a courseor and can reap meliorate appraisement for their yield. -choupal bring-abouts use of the; natural transmission capabilities of present intermediaries & amalgamation, logistics, opposedparty lavish and bridge financing.In June 2000, ITC Poor instituted e-choupal in India and now e-choupal has behove the amplest Internet established intercession in rustic India. e-choupal bequest to agree clowns unhesitating mode to bud biased real-era advice to correct the clown’s judgment making originatority thereby entranceory them to meliorate align their farm output to the purposeed insist in Indian dispense. -choupal, the Webestablished commencement of ITC’s IBD, offers the clown all advice environing results and advantages they insist to augment farm resultivity correct farm-prelude appraisement occurrence and cut negotiateion requires. Farmers can mode the concluding topical and global advice on sky, philosophical tillage practices and dispense appraisements at the village itself through the web entrance in Indian vernaculars – Hindi, Marathi, Kannada and Telegu. echoupal so fits the accoutre of violent accommodation farm inputs as affecteous as escheatments of yield at the clown’s doorstep. -choupal and the transmitted development The ocean inducement of e-choupal is that it connects ample and diminutive yieldr and users and segregates the insist of middlemen (who are requiplace in transmitted dispense). e-choupal is a implied dispense that wholes concomitantly vendors and customers. Geographical foreignness no longer restricts portioicipation of clowns.The ocean hurdle of transmitted dispense is that advice asymmetry is ingrained in the dispense wshort as e-choupal agrees for obvious negotiateion. The negotiateion era at the ITC hub is short than at the mandi i. e. or 3 hours wshort as 1-2 days in mandi. Some elapsed objects are:• • • • • • Customer centric and not contingent on intermediaries. Capconducive of nature used for misty issue & multiple negotiateions. Easily scalconducive unintermittently it is attested. Uses topical cleverness and topical nation to expand topical leaders. Uses all the solid institutions and legitimate frameworks. Philosophical way of error, proofing and investigateing. The e-choupal trade development The development is centred on a netlabor of e-choupal, advice centres equipped delay computer united to the Internet, locating in rustic tillage villages. -choupal ministers as choupal (muster fix) and an e-commerce hub. A topical clown acting as a Sanchalak (coordinator) runs the e-choupal and the computer usually is located in the sanchalak’s settlement. ITC so incorporated a topical delegation deputy unreserved as the Samyojak (collaborator), into the regularity as the agreer of logistical prop. The discriminating atom of the e-choupal regularity and the key to managing the geographical and cultural expiration of ITC’s netlabor by recruiting a topical clown is the sanchalak. Sanchalak constitute reliance in community and all infrastructure set up is made in his branch.Sanchalak receives delegation for undiminished negotiateion courseed through the e-choupal and so profited from acceptiond political standing that accompanies the position – a speaking custom in rustic Indian duration. Sanchalak act as generally-known dutyary in ITC purpose. Sanchalak so aggregates clowns input as affecteous as escheatment organizes. Sanchalak inferiorgoes inoculation of basic computer custom, basic trade skills, accommodation error of bud result inoculation etc. The samyojak or cooperating commisssion deputys so embody essential role.He deminister pay by providing logistical advantages that depute for the bankruptcy of rustic infrastructure by providing advice and dispense signals on trading negotiateion. Samyojak is implicated in ongoing agency of echoupal regularity, allowing them fruit streams through providing advantages such as superintendence of coin, bagging & labour at procurement hubs, handling of mandi pamphletlabor as licensed principals for the dispose-of negotiateion of the e-choupal. ITC has plans to infuse the sector in which it labors delay e-choupals, such that a clown has to pilgrstatue no elapsed than 5kms.The aggregation expects each e-choupal to minister environing 10 villages. Conventional negotiateion vs. e-choupal Require Trolley Frprospect Filling & Consideration Labour Khadi Karai Handling detriment Sub undiminishedty Processor Incurs - Delegation Deputy Require of Bag Labour (Stitching & loading) Labour at certaintyory (Unloading) Frprospect to certaintyory Transit Losses Sub Entirety Grand Entirety Conventional Dispense 100 70 50 50 270 100 75 35 35 250 10 505 775 e-choupal NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 50 NIL NIL 35 100 NIL 185 185 As percent of yield prize 8 percent 2 percentThe e-choupal regularity The former day’s mandi noncommunication appraisement is used to enumerate the benchindication Clear Average Accommodation (FAQ) appraisement at the e-choupal, which is static for a abandoned day. The advice of mandi appraisement is epidemic through e-choupal entrance. If and when communication fails, sanchalak calls an ITC province figurative. To prepare a sale the clown wholes a scantling of his yield to the e-choupal. The sanchalak performs the accommodation proof in the clown’s nearness & must excuse any abatement to the clown. These single bridles and balances state truthfulness in a course wshort accommodation proofing and pricing happens at multiple equalizes.If the clown chooses to hawk his yield to ITC, the sanchalak furnishs him a melody capturing his indicate, his village, accommodation proof announce, approx. part and stipulational appraisement. The clown takes the melody from sanchalak and pay delay his bud to the plain ITC procurement hub. Some procurement hubs are unmixedly ITC’s certaintyories that so act as fund objects. ITC’s view is to accept a courseing centre delay a 30 to 40 kms radius of each clown. At the ITC hub, a scantling of the clown’s yield is captured and set apolicy for laboratory proof.Laboratory proofing of the scantling for oil satisfied is consequenced succeeding the sale & does not substitute the appraisement. The discuss for this is that clowns having historically nature exploited are not presently voluntary to reliance a laboratory proof. Succeeding such error, the clown’s cart is investigateed on an electronic investigatebridge, elevatedest delay the yield and then delayout yield. The dissimilarity is used to enumerate the investigatets of his yield. Succeeding investigateing, the clown collects his liquidation in ample at the liquidation opposed. The clown is so reimbursed for enravishmenting his bud to the procurement hub.Every limit of the course is accompanied by delayhold documentation. The clown is abandoned portraiture of lab announces, agreed rates and avail for his archives. Sanyojaks, who are adroit at handling ample whole of coin, are entrusted delay the duty of liquidation bar at procurement centres. Samyojaks so feel abundantly of the hub logistics, including labour superintendence at hub, bagging, storage mgmt. , enravishmentation from hub to certaintyors and handling mandi pamphletlabor for the buds procured at the hub and for all this he is hired a 0. 5 percent delegation.Benefits of e-choupal “A appease digital opportunity is reshaping the lives of clowns in foreign Indian villages. ” e-choupal delivers real-era advice and customized conversance to clown’s judgment making originatority, securing meliorate accommodation & appraisement. The e-choupal commencement so constitutes a straightforward dispenseing deed, eliminating abnormal intermediation and multiple handling, thus reducing negotiateion require and making logistics fertile. • Digital transmutation - ITC began e-choupal delay Soya form-groinferior in the villages of M. P. e-choupal genial to fluctuate the misappropriate statue of clowns of bullock cart.Farmers now log on to the place through internet kiosks to organize violent accommodation input, get advice on best tillage practices, rife dispense appraisements for their buds at settlement and separate for the sky obviate all in the topical vernacular. The e-choupal place is so entranceory the clowns dismeet • • the best appraisement of their accommodation at the village itself. The place so agrees clowns delay specialized conversance for customizing their yield to the lawful consumer segments. The new storage and handling regularity rescues the idexistence of irrelative varieties lawful through the ‘farm prelude to dinner plate’ accoutre dissipatedening.Thus, assuring the clowns to elevate their accommodation measures and tempt violenter appraisement. Security and Security - Farmers’ low pay and obscurey in modeing security limits the accommodation to continue opportunities delayin and delayout the tillage sector. ITC e-choupal proposes the elucidation of this completion by making portionership delay financial institutions. e-choupal agree unanalogous types of loans enjoy non-coin loans for farm inputs, loans to sanchalak (sanchalak can meliorate conduct security lavish & accept meliorate mode to clowns), straightforward loans to clowns established on sanchalak recommendation, Security & lavish superintendence advantages etc.Local start fruit - ITC uses involvement of clowns in satisfied creation helps to easily customize the advice as per the topical requirements. House of topical clowns states supplies of enlightened and affecteous-written advice to e-choupal, which can be occupied into the tillage, or pricing of the yield. The acceptiond portioicipation in e-choupal expands topical start accommodation in clowns. The clowns get tempted towards e-choupal due to acceptiond forms, external advantages that he could get, calculating in era and the originatority to use e-choupal for misty negotiateions. choupal delivers applicconducive technologies in the hands of the clowns, which can correct the economic stipulation of the undiminished village. e-choupal is one of the very few ICT purposes in India that has conducively utilized e-commerce negotiateions for need assuagement. ICT so stunted the sum of middlemen between yieldrs and consumers. Now, single technology elucidations are advantageconducive to constitute networks in rustic areas, which can duty as implied dispenseplaces. e-choupal at a scan States meeted 9 States [M. P. , Haryana, Uttaranchal, Karnataka, A. P. , U. P. Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Kerala] 36,000 6,400 3. 5 favorite Village meeted e-choupal info kiosks Empowered e-farmers Other profits to clowns Farmers are reimbursed for enravishment to the procurement hub of e-choupal. The negotiateion era at the ITC hub is so abundantly dissipateder than mandi. ITC has abandoned recollection to undiminished portioner in the accoutre course & not unmixed as unroving yieldr and thus elevating the equalize of deference of clowns. Similarly providing hidden seating area opportunity abeyance for their pamphletlabor illusions ITC truly prudence for clowns. References Require and fruit Stream e-choupal has been prosperous.It has stunted the require of procurement and the require of transit and the embodied handling require. Procurement negotiateion requires are stunted from the diligence measure of 8 percent (farmers incurs 3 percent and the courseor incurs 5 percent) to 2 percent (delay clown calculating all his 3 percent, and the courseor ITC – calculating 3 percent). • • www. echoupal. com Predicament con-balance on 'ITC's e-choupal & customous rustic transmutation' by Kuttayan, Annamalai ; Rao. Predicament con-balance on 'Developing a rustic e-hub' by Bowonder, Gupta ; Singh. • The undiminishedty require incurred on the commencements so far has been • Papers in Digital Opportunities.Rs. 50 favorite (Rs. 35 favorite as excellent require towards computers and other hardware at the kiosks as affecteous as convenient ministerrs and Rs. 15 favorite fruit disbursement incurred towards entrance fruit, nation balancehead etc. ). But ITC has form profit Rs. 20 favorite, which is the equiponderant of ample siege on 40 percent of the Choupals (Kiosks). In stipulations of forthcoming fruit, the outflow is 52. 1 favorite in 2001-02 which reduces to 3. 90 favorite in 2005-2006 and for 2006-07 is estimated as 2. 70 favorite. Wshort as inflow in 200102 is 15. 3 favorite wshort as 65. 0 favorite in 2005-2006 and estimated as 85. favorite in 2006-2007. The interior rate of render (IRR) on the purpose labors out to be 21. 55 percent. In the mandi regularity, tshort was a indication up of 7-8 percent on the appraisement of soybean from the farm prelude to the certaintyory prelude of this indication-up 2. 5 percent was born by the clown opportunity 5 percent was borne by ITC delay e-choupal, ITC require are down to 2. 5 percent. In independent stipulations, twain the clowns and ITC reserve environing $ 6 per metric ton. Challenges As the faculty is usually advantageconducive for barely a few hours a day at on a preventive register, the e-choupal computer cannot frequently be modeed when advice is insisted.Phase imbalances leads to hurt of equipments. Telecommunication infrastructure in villages is indigent. Telephone exfluctuate so accept poor battery backup. In importation, tshort is no topical prop staff to oceantain or troubleshoot telephone diversifys. The prop team is so short-staffed. Other challenges are: • • • • • • • Illiteracy environing computer in rustic areas as affecteous as rustic population has low reliance on electronic regularity. Selection of an educated, clever, veritconducive and mature peculiar as a sanchalak. Improper conversance environing rustic dispense.Vicious foe of intermediaries (Adatiya ; Brokers). Improper and obscure user interface on e-choupal. Bankruptcy of rules and organize connected to electronic choupal. Misreliance environing error, proofing and investigateing of yield on centres. ITC’s development illusion the key role of IT in providing and oceantaining by a confirmation, but used by topical clowns – to whole truthfulness, to acception mode to advice, and to catalyze rustic transmutation, opportunity enabling efficiencies and low require disposal that bring-environing the regularity customous and sustainconducive .Critical certaintyors in the ostensible luck of the hazard are ITC’s enlightened conversance of tillage, the attempt ITC has made to restrain misty aspects to the solid resultion regularity, including restraining the undiminished consequence of topical portioners. ITC e-choupal is committed to truthfulness and deference and clearness towards clowns as affecteous as topical portioners. The originator is presently started as Assistant Adherent in an MBA school in Pune (NIFEM). She is an M. Phil - University topper from DAVV, Indore, MP and is presently pursuing her PhD on e-Governance inferior the regulate of Prof. (Dr. ) Pankaj Trivedi.The ITC e-choupal has tempted global circumspection. Says David Upton, adherent, Harvard Trade School, who flew down to India to transcribe this predicament con-balance for his students, "This is a accoutre dissipatedening novelty that is topical to India but has ample applications to the globe. What is thrilling is the political amiconducive it wholes in the call to the diminutive, lipal clown. " Upton objects out unanalogous issues which the aggregation has addressed. Firstly, it is not true tweaking environing but a elder teachableness in the accoutre dissipatedening. One of the completions in redesigning accoutre dissipatedenings is how to use irrelative tools, thus making the unanalogous embodyers stationary own the dissipatedening.Here, the clown and the team are implicated in painting the big paint, so tshort is vehemence and a touch of ownership. Further, how do you fly a deed engagement by sentence boundlessness for the middle-men? Upton so objects out that the 'flatten out, fix it, lamina up' development is a new adit to strategic superintendence. The philosophy short is that the terrain has so misty uncertainties that gaps earn halt. So, unenjoy in the elapsed, wshort rendezvous was on affecteous-laid strategic plans, short you furnish experimentation-established strategies elapsed investigatetage.Says Upton: "Admitted I do not accept all the defenses but I earn not endure for them; instead institute security nets opportunity I flatten it out, ldeminister shortons and then fix it. This instrument you are not attached to your drawing and are sentient to shortons from the delayout globe. " The aggregation's target is to equaltually accept 50,000 choupals to meet 200,000 Indian villages which instrument discourse one-fifth of the state. Delay this infrastructure, ITC targets Rs 2000 crore (Rs 20,000 favorite) by the year 2005 from its interdiplomatic exports.Says Sivakumar, "Even opportunity we set up choupals all balance India, we accept offers from interdiplomatic organisations to involve this in Africa and other expanding countries. " The eChoupal custom ITC's eChoupal purpose is a winner—for clowns who get meliorate compensation and for the aggregation that's safe accommodation inputs for its trade Imagine an unstudious clown in a foreign village in Madhya Pradesh sitting at a desktop wired up to the WWW through a diminutive VSAT attach, facultyed by a diminutive faculty generator by the policy, and surfing separate to celebrity downloading priceless advice environing sky obviates and sowing trends.Imagine clowns bridleing appraisements for soya beans at the plain legislation-run dispense, or equal on an interdiplomatic issue diversify. “A few V V R Babu years ago such a scenario would accept seemed queer but today it’s a genuineness,” says V V R Babu, CIO, ITC (eChoupal Project). IT for the Masses The eChoupal purpose meets balance 35,000 villages in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttaranchal providing favorites of clowns delay discriminating advice on tillage. The Choupal advantages are nature delivered by balance 6,000 Sanchalaks and balance 17,000 Upa Sanchalaks to these remoproof areas.Multiple Benefits Farmers can face at sky obviates, organize fertiliser and herbicide, and confer an agronomist by e-mail when their buds metamorphose yellow. At some eChoupals they can equal buy duration security, use for loans and so bridle their children’s exam outcomes. Opportunity abundantly has been written environing the political profits of ITC’s eChoupal, the stuff of the certainty is that the purpose was conceptualised delay a real trade rendezvous to constitute clown communities in villages to fit sourcing of violent-accommodation farm yield for the aggregation’s dissipated form-grounding agribusiness.Better Liquidation In IT parlance, eChoupal is an clever harmonize of applications enjoy CRM and accoutre dissipatedening superintendence. For entreaty, by entranceory the clown confirm and regulate his inputs and tillage practices, and by paying elapsed for meliorate accommodation, ITC has been conducive to preminister the cause and correct the accommodation of yield. The purpose was built using . NET. The elevatedest implementation of a Soya Choupal took prospect months but succeeding extensions enjoy the Aqua Choupal for aquamarine clowns took between six and prospect weeks.Today eChoupal is a supple, facile to deploy elucidation. ITC Infotech agreed an inbranch team of 25 to 30 nation in the moderate limit and this gradually came down to environing 20 nation, and finally a five-member team to oceantain the purpose. The portfolio of issue caused has been vastly broad to apprehend maize, barley, sorghum, and pulses, and the sourcing cycle is deferred approximately environing the year. In the issue dispense, these two certaintyors are entranceory ITC constitute a exact competitive custom.The Problems “Initially we idea that we would labor delay DoT to upgrade rustic telephone diversifys. The branch was proactive in upgrading misty rustic diversifys to electronic ones. Succeeding 15 months we ground that the test was not merry,” explained Babu. Faculty cuts in rustic areas can run for prospect to 10 hours. ITC equal went so far as to agree gensets at a few locations hoping to impel DoT to doing the selfsame. It didn’t labor out and in 2001 ITC shifted its rendezvous to using Ku Band VSATs. Faculty remained a completion and it was clear-upd by using light panels.The EChoupal Roadmap ITC now plans to leverage its eChoupal infrastructure to hawk third-party results, agree rustic dispense discovery advantages, and in the political sector, to agree advantages enjoy vigor advisories and qualify e-governance. ITC eChoupal has embarked in on providing best of the adjust dispose-ofing and shopping tests to the rustic consumers by instituteing dispose-of shopping obscurees that agree integrated facilities inferior one roof. Inferior the mark ‘Choupal Sagar,’ these shopping obscurees branch—a procurement centre, dispose-of fund, groundation affect, clown dexterity centre and vigorprudence clinic.In vigorprudence advantages, a conduct purpose has been instituted along delay superfluous oppidan vigorprudence advantage agreers, to amplify veritconducive and accommodation vigorprudence advantages to the remoproof villages. Unanalogous vigor camps conducted during the conducts are assuring and the purpose is in the centre of scaling up to other locations. ITC eChoupal is presently conducting bestowal of accommodation advice advantages to the rustic areas leveraging the natural and digital infrastructure broad for issue sourcing and consumer dispose-of advantages.