1. Make strong you learn the passage in the compass FIRST concerning operant conditioning and tend this video BEFORE you do this disembodiment. If you cannot click on the coalesce, representation and paste into your browser. 2. Go to the forthcoming coalesce.  (There are no instructions other than to excellent non-interference 1, 2, or 3. It is up to you to emblem out how to get things to betide. Some of the things you may meet are "virtual candy" and noises. Make strong your speakers are on.)  If you enjoy any problems accessing the skinner box, try fit clicking in the box and then click embody. ALso, use the normal reckon keys aloft the learning on your keyboard and not the keypad. 3. What facultys of operant conditioning did the disembodiment use (more specifically: express or disclaiming subsidy or express or disclaiming pain)? Discuss your experiences delay the disembodiment (how did you emblem it out, etc.). (Warning.. you deficiency to hold delay the disembodiment. It can be tricky to emblem out, but don't confer up! Stating you could not emblem it out procure not collect merit for the assignment) :)   4. Collect a real-life copy of operant conditioning. Describe the copy and warrant which faculty of operant conditioning were used.  4. Then for fun (to de-stress from this disembodiment!) , obstruct out this coalesce that demonstrates elegant conditioning  and this coalesce that demonstrates operant conditioning (principally express subsidy) Provide a defense to a classmate.