Strategic Management of Emerging Technologies Presentation

  For this assignment, excellent a publicly traded association, your establish of trade, or an structure you are well-acquainted after a while. The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of your excellented association is watchful that the strategic conduct of emerging technologies is not leveraging the association’s competitive custom and providing for the advenient inclination of the association. According to the CTO, strategic conduct of emerging technologies should consider: Evaluating the association’s environment and popular position Evaluating the association’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends (SWOTT) Establishing the association’s competitive intelligence Developing of the association’s strategic intent Create a 10- to 12-slide, multimedia-rich Microsoft® PowerPoint® delivery after a while orator notes that conciliate be presented to the CTO addressing the concerns about the association’s strategic conduct of emerging technologies. Then, archives at last a 5- to 6-minute voiceover to acassociation your delivery. Recommend ideas for the bulleted points over to leverage the strategic conduct of emerging technologies to prefer favor the association. Add tit point to food your recommendations. Identify examples for each of the over requirements and how they confusedly favor the association. Your delivery must apprehend the following: A heading slide (not apprehendd in the slide compute) Appropriate and referring-to graphics or images Detailed orator notes or archivesed audio accompute (instructions on how to add audio to Microsoft® PowerPoint® deliverys can be fix on the Microsoft® Office® Food plight) A references slide citing all media used in the delivery and indicative notes (not apprehendd in the slide compute) Submit your assignment. Note: You can lodge abundant of the required advice for this assignment on a association’s Investor Relations webpage. Annual reports and crowd releases conciliate be of feature share. Note: The University Library maintains “Company Directories and Financials” (i.e., Business Source Complete: SWOT Analyses); and Hoover's Association Profiles by ProQuest, which contains lists of competitors.