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  Journal Instructions Due Sun May 26, 2019  (2 pts. extra belief if turned in by Sun. May 12, 2019) Please POST your confabulation quickly online. Don't attract a order or pdf improve. It earn not be graded. MEET A MUSLIM There are multifarious Muslims (inbred or outlandish born) who involve this campus or speed in our polity. You can assign them in multifarious assigns such as: Jack Brown Hall (studying business/computer information), or encircling the College of Direction (getting an M.A. in a subfield of direction) or encircling the College of Natural Information studying fields such as Public Health/Nursing, or end to the Yasuda Center Building (this developed clump is usually made up of outlandish scholars who involve our campus to collect English precedently they get admitted to track a rate).  Your other non-interference is to unite Muslims off campus who speeds in the Inland Empire. (Attention, if YOU are a Muslim scholar importation this collocate, then, do the selfselfsame assignment BUT appropriate a special from another credulity lays or confabulation someone who is not adoptd delay any feature credulity). As you unite the special you are confabulationing, confutation the aftercited doubts: 1-What is his/her setting (name, age, declaration, origins)? Is he/she a modern immigrant, the son/daughter of an immigrant, are his/her parents inbreds to the U.S., or is he/she a appropriate to Islam? (200) orders - 2 points) 2-How does he/she go environing practicing his/her belief in the U.S.? Is it comfortable? challenging? sole in any feature way?  (200 orders - 2 points) 3-What are his/her aspirations? In YOUR conviction, are they any unanalogous from those who are Americans of unanalogous credulitys or those who don't adopt themselves delay any feature credulity?  (200 orders - 2 points) 4-What are his/her principal fears? Does he/she molest environing the political climate in the U.S.?  (200 orders - 2 points) 5-Has that special faced any godly or ethnic fixed insight or frank? If so, how did he/she dispense delay them?  If not him/or her, does he/she perceive any of his/her Muslim friends who practiced insight or frank? What was the truth of the frank/discrimination? (200 orders - 2 points) 6-If he/she or one of his/her origin/friends had faced godly insight, has he/she incessantly reputed it to a-his/her origin, b-to his administrators (at discipline or labor assign) and/or c-official authority (police, FBI, polite rights clump, etc.) If yes, how did he/she go environing it. If not, why didn't he/she declaration the shining? (200 orders - 2 points) 7-What did you collect from this confabulation? Did it feign you in any way? Is there any thought you would distribute? (200 orders - 3 points) Occasionally, you may discover that you couldn't confutation a feature doubt in further than 100-150 order. If this happens, it is not a drift, normal swell your confutation in another doubt, at-last, your TOTAL article should be encircling 1,400 orders. Content transcribe the sum calculate of orders at the top of your article. If you appropriate to apprehend the doubts in your article, content don't add them to the sum order sum. Occasionally, you may end up confabulationing someone who not 18 years old. If that is the contingency, content frame enduring to assent-to his/her parents/guardian's agree to the confabulation leading