Writing a Position Paper

A pose pamphlet (also denominated a sharp-end of inspection pamphlet) is an essay that presents the author’s estimation environing an manifestation. Relish a moot, a pose pamphlet presents one policy of an arguable estimation environing an manifestation. The design of a pose pamphlet is to indoctrinate the assembly that your estimation is strong and tenable. Ideas that you are regarding failure to be carefully examined in choosing a subject-matter, developing your reasoning, and organizing your pamphlet. It is very momentous to secure that you are addressing all policys of the manifestation and presenting it in a husk that is manageable for your assembly to learn.Your job is to admit one policy of the reasoning and influence your assembly that you own warranted understanding of the subject-matter nature presented. It is momentous to livelihood your reasoning following a while deposture to secure the strongity of your rights, as polite-mannered-mannered as to disprove the counterclaims to parade that you are polite-mannered-mannered sensible environing twain policys. Organization -  Sample Outline for a pose pamphlet I. Initiative A. Bring-in the subject-matter B. Provide elucidation on the subject-matter to teach why it is momentous C. Assert the disdirection (your inspection of the manifestation) - Disdirection announcement -. II. Counter Reasoning A. Condense the counterclaims B.Provide livelihooding advice for counterclaims C. Disprove the counterclaims D. Afford deposture for reasoning III. Your Reasoning A. Assert sharp-end #1 of your rights 1. Afford your estimation 2. Provide livelihood B. Assert sharp-end #2 of your rights 1. Afford your estimation 2. Provide livelihood C. Assert sharp-end #3 of your rights 1. Afford your estimation 2. Provide livelihood IV. Misrecord A. Restate your reasoning B. Provide a contemplation of force but do not bring-in new advice I. Initiative Your initiative has a dual purpose: to averment twain the subject-matter and your approximation to it (your disdirection announcement), and to stir your reader’s profit in what you own to say. One conducive way of introducing a subject-matter is to locate it in comstanding – to contribute a husk of enddrop that earn put it in perspective. You should sift-canvass the area into which your subject-matter fits, and then spiritual transfer into your inequitable province of sift-canvassion (re: your disdirection announcement). II. Counter Reasoning You can produce counterarguments by elaboration yourself what someone who disagrees following a while you capability say environing each of the sharp-ends you've made or environing your pose as a entire.Once you own intention up some counterarguments, cogitate how you earn suit to them--earn you grant that your enemy has a sharp-end but teach why your assembly should nonetheless recognize your reasoning? Earn you decline the counterreasoning and teach why it is mistaken? Either way, you earn failure to license your reader following a while a consciousness that your reasoning is stronger than abutting reasonings. When you are summarizing abutting reasonings, be forgiving. Present each reasoning fairly and objectively, rather than opposed to produce it behold contemptible. You failure to parade that you own thoughtfully cogitateed the frequent policys of the manifestation, and that you are not singly attacking or mocking your enemys. It is usually meliorate to cogitate one or two thoughtful counterarguments in some profundity, rather than to afford a hanker but surface catalogue of frequent unanalogous counterarguments and replies. Misrecord Be firm that your response is accordant following a while your peculiar reasoning. If regarding a counterreasoning changes your pose, you earn failure to go end and re-examine your peculiar reasoning gratefully. III. Your Reasoning You may own aggravate than 3 aggravateall sharp-ends to your reasoning, but you should not own fewer. IV. Conclusion The lowlyst and most basic misrecord is one that restates the disdirection in unanalogous utterance and then sift-canvasses its implications. Stating Your Disdirection A disdirection is a one-passage announcement environing your subject-matter. It's an assumption environing your subject-matter, bigwig you right to be gentleman. Notice that a subject-matter aggravate produces no such right; it narrowly defines an area to be expert. To produce your subject-matter into a disdirection announcement, you failure to produce a right environing it, produce it into a passage. Behold end aggravate your materials--brainstorms, investigative notes, etc. --and gard environing what you relish to be gentleman. Gard environing what your readers failure or failure to understand.Then transcribe a passage, preferably at this sharp-end, a lowly one, stating what earn be the convenient proposal of your pamphlet. The end should behold bigwig relish this: Peculiar Subject: an momentous manifestation in my senior province Topic: resources technology teaching for message seniors Thesis: Theories of resources technology rightify a aggravate characteristic locate in this University’s Message program Or if your investigations led you to a unanalogous belief: Thesis: Message seniors at this University entertain a right elucidation in theories of resources technology It's regularly good-natured-natured-natured to own a disdirection you can relish in.Notice, though, that a passage stating an plain and infallible deed won't effort as a discourse: Thesis: This University has a Message senior. That's a total passage, and it asserts bigwig to be gentleman, but as a disdirection it's a spiritless end. It's a announcement of deed, unadulterated and lowly, and requires tiny or button pretended. A good-natured-natured-natured disdirection asks to own aggravate said environing it. It demands some test. Your job is to parade your reader that your disdirection is gentleman. Remember, you can't right pluck a disdirection out of attenuated air.Even if you own noticeable insight of a subject-matter, it won't be desert greatly true you can logically and persuasively livelihood it in the substantiality of your essay. A disdirection is the evolutionary end of a garding process, not a hyperphysical creation. Formulating a disdirection is not the pristine attenuatedg you do following balbutiation the essay assignment. Deciding on a disdirection does not succeed pristine. Precedently you can succeed up following a while an reasoning on any subject-matter, you own to muster and construct deposition, behold for potential relationships among understandn deeds (such as miraculous dissimilaritys or similarities), and gard environing the beneath-the-surface sentiment of these relationships.After this moderate exploration of the interrogation at index, you can produceulate a "working discourse," an reasoning that you gard earn produce consciousness of the deposture but that may failure mixture ahanker the way. In other utterance, do not parade up at your Teacher’s station hours expecting her to succor you symbol out your disdirection announcement and/or succor construct your pamphlet true you own already effected some elaboration. Useful Transitions Transitions succor you bear advice palpably and concisely. Similarity - also, in the similar way, right as ... o too, relishwise, similarly Exception/Contrast - but, ultimately, in ill-will of, on the one index ... on the other index, ultimately, nonetheless, yet, in dissimilarity, on the antagonistic, calm?}, yet Sequence/Order - pristine, remedy, third, ... next, then, ultimately Time - following, followingward, at developed, precedently, currently, during, precedent, instantly, later, meanwhile, now, recently, concurrently, after, then In - for in, for exemplification, namely, inequitableally, to represent Emphasis - equal, in-truth, in deed, of direction, trulyPlace/Position - overhead, adjacent, underneath, more, less, in front, in end, nearby, tless Cause and Effect - gratefully, for-this-reason, future, so, for-this-reason, thus Additional Livelihood or Deposture - close, frequently, also, and, as polite-mannered, also, together momentous, exalt, exaltmore, in importation, aggravateover, then Conclusion/Summary - ultimately, in a tidings, in pigmy, in misrecord, in the end, in the ultimate partition, on the entire, thus, to determine, to condense, in sum, in epitome Plagiarism and academic fairness Plagiarism is a produce of stealing; as following a while other offences frequentlyst the law, incomprehension is no forgive. The way to forsake plagiarism is to afford security wless security is due. If you are using someone else’s proposal, acunderstanding it, equal if you own newfangled the tidingsing or right condensed the main sharp-ends. To forsake plagiarism, you must afford security whenever you use • another person's proposal, estimation, or theory; • any deeds, statistics, graphs, drawings--any pieces of advice--that are not beggarly understanding; • quotations of another person's explicit verbal or written utterance; or • paraphrase of another person's verbal or written utterance.