Joaquin B. Agony, Glacial S. Beanie (14 August 2014) (21 August 2014) l. Introduction Microscopes and the room of Science are two living things. Almost all Sciences are associated delay the use of a microscope, a show use to conception objects which are not discernible to the defenceless eye. The account microscope came from the Greek account "Micros" which instrument "small" and "Spoken" which instrument "to examine" (Vocabulary. Com, 2014). Today, microscopes are of majestic moment especially on the room of Biological Science. One of its elder use is to particularize the extents of microorganisms which are of majestic moment in construction infallible biological phenomena. Getting the real extent of atomic objects such as microorganisms using calibrated eyepiece micrometer is accounted micrometer (Echoic, et. Al. , 2000). It is main for investigators across a estimate of disciplines. A biologist, for development, needs to perceive the just extent of two organisms to contribute an sharp similitude (I. E. Almoner). The eager of this courage is to fashion an awareness in personal handling techniques ND chasten use of a microscope to students pursuing courses in the room of Biological Sciences. This courage is so calculated to inform students microscope calibration techniques. II. Materials and Methods To cogent to conquer the just mass of a illustration, the demonstrable micrometer should be calibrated primary. By doing so, the calibration continuous (C) is conquered. To get the calibration continuous, a station micrometer, an demonstrable micrometer and a microscope is used. The demonstrable micrometer was placed internally the demonstrable lens of the microscope and the station micrometer on the station. The room was adjusted so that a row in the demonstrable micrometer is superimposing a row in the station micrometer. Once this was set, the estimate of divisions in twain micrometers from the primary superimposing rows to the direct row that superimposed was counted. The estimate of divisions in the station micrometer was disjoined by the divisions in the demonstrable micrometer. The quotient was numerous by pm. The work conquered was the calibration continuous. The calibration continuous was particularized in each of the external lenses of the microscope. Once the demonstrable micrometer was calibrated, the pessimism were conceptioned and measured. The chasten mass was conquered by counting the demonstrable micrometer divisions restricted by the illustration and multiplying it by the calibration continuous of the external lens used. The rupture among the mass should solely answer on the decimal places of the symbol. Ill. Results and Discussion Tcogent 1. Calibration Continuous Lower Different Microscope External Lenses Tcogent 1. 0 shows the analysis for the computed calibration continuous lower the haughty jurisdiction external (HOP) and the the low jurisdiction external (LOOP). Lower the HOP, the umber of divisions in the demonstrable micrometer among the two superimposing rows is immodest occasion on the station micrometer it is five. Dividing five by immodest, the compute 1. 25 is conquered. This is not yet the calibration continuous. The compute 1. 25 should be numerous by pm to get the C.