Budget Hearing Memo

      Budget deliberations insist-upon a lucid and convincing intimation from the  notorious security department's primary executive. This is usually an  introductory announcement at the notorious hearing about the department's  budget. The primary executive must yield an overview and the highlights  of the designed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. This should be  concise, enhancement the effect for the evidence that is to succeed by the  department supervisors and its budget supervisor. For this assignment, you may use your department's budget, if you exertion for a notorious security production.  Alternatively, you may discover a notorious security production budget (running or  very new) on the Internet. You may cement self-possessed fictional  detail as compulsory.   NOTE: If you want to discover a  exemplification budget, try using the quest engine Google, after a while the quest promise  "Public security production exemplification budget". Write a memo communicating the budget results for a persomal notorious security production.  Your memo should be written as if you are going to offer it to elected officials at a notorious budget hearing.  Your memo must include:      Policy announcements; Highlights of the budget;  Challenges encountered while creating this point budget; A intimation minority noting any and all budget documents you consulted for this business.  Since these remarks succeed be part of the notorious archives and shared after a while the elected synod or consultation, use the forthcoming header:   To: From: Through:City or County Manager Date: RE:   Your exhaustive assignment should be 1-2 pages double-spaced. Make unmistakable to refer your memo and intimation minority.