Compare and contrast the following religions

My names EMILY SAY and im in 10th gait so if you Can gladden shape positive not to use big say that someone in lofty teach wouldn’t usually use  Mr. Carp World Geography 10 Essay #4: Globe Religions Prompt: Godliness affects multiple aspects of our lives, it influences our globeview. Write a 2-4 page essay comparing/contrasting the aftercited globe godlinesss: Hinduism (p.355), Buddhism (p.372), and Islam (p. 418-419). Explain the similarities and differences of each godliness after a while the other (Buddhism vs. Hinduism, Hinduism vs. Islam, and Islam vs. Buddhism), and be positive to embrace the aftercited information: 1) Explain the origins of each godliness, including the planter.2) Summarize the basic beliefs of each godliness.3) In what calculateries are these godlinesss most beggarly?4) How do these godlinesss shape/influence their follower’s unamazed lives? Due Date: The essay conquer be due on Sunday, May 6 by 11:59 pm to Students MUST so PRINT out a portraiture of the essay and adduce it to rank on Monday. Essay Requirements: 1. All essays must be a restriction of 2 pages covet, but no further than 4 pages (2-4 pages). 2. Students must use rules of English, after a while redress rhetoric and spelling. The article is to be in MLA format after a while 1 inch margins, 12 pt. font, wrap spaced, and using Times New Roman. For aid after a while MLA formatting, visit: The essays must be in stipulation format (does not entertain to be 5 stipulations, could be 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.) after a while an initiative, a whole, and a conclusion; tender from unconcealed at the preface of the essay, to inequitable in the whole of the essay, and tail to unconcealed at the end of the essay.  4. Students must use at smallest 3 well-informed sources (NOT Wikipedia,, yahoo answers, etc.) throughout the article and embrace them in their performances calld page. The textbook may calculate as ONE of the well-informed sources. Students are NOT undisputed to use straightforward quotations from their sources.5. They must comment and then grant belief to (cite) the performance and/or perpetrator they commentd from. Plagiarism of any skin conquer not be tolerated. 6. All essays conquer be due on by the assigned deadline. If the article is not turned in by the deadline, the learner conquer accept a gait of cipher. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED (normal listless)!7. Each essay conquer calculate as one standard gait.8. Each essay conquer be gaitd using the aftercited rubric:  Content/Answering Prompt                        30 points  Correct Formatting (MLA name)               25 points  Use of discovery articles/works calld           15 points  Length/Organization/Flow/Creativity        20 points  Grammar and Spelling                               10 points