Due Week 4: BA Plan Section 2: CSFs and KPIs

In this party of the method scheme, you accomplish remain agoing delay the construction you chosen precedent. You accomplish apply your segregation by defining hazardous good-fortune rudiments and KPIs for each of the strategic body and SMART concretes you patent clear in Minority 1. Complete and propose Minority 2 of the BA Plan Template, including the following For each of the three SMART concretes you identified in the Week 2 air (one for each of three strategic body of Product Innovation, Customer Intimacy, and Operational Excellence): Describe two hazardous good-fortune rudiments you deem are most expressive for the construction to terminate this SMART concrete. Hazardous good-fortune rudiments are local actions the construction must assume, or developments they must yield, in ordain to terminate the concrete. This should development in a whole of six CSFs. For each of these six hazardous good-fortune rudiments: Define two Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that could be used to adviser this hazardous good-fortune rudiment. This should development in a whole of 12 KPIs. IMPORTANT: This minority should include 3 x 2 = 6 whole hazardous good-fortune rudiments (2 for each SMART concrete from Minority 1); and 6 x 2 = 12 KPIs, (2 for each hazardous good-fortune rudiment). Submit your BA Plan instrument including Minority 1 (from week 2) and Minority 2 (orderly adventitious) to the Week 4: Method Scheme assignment. Grading Criteria for Week 4 CategoryPointsPercentDescriptionCritical Good-fortune Factors (CSFs)  24 30%Two CSFs are obviously pictorial for each of the three SMART concretes from Minority 1, for a whole of six CSFs. Each CSF is appropriate to its associated concrete.Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  40 50%Two KPIs are obviously defined for each of the six CSFs, for a whole of 12 CSFs. Each KPI is local, measurable, and appropriate to the associated CSF. Writing, Editing, and Formatting  16 20%The minority is written obviously and professionally; is substantially unhindered of errors in spelling and grammar; and is formatted gratefully and professionally. Total 80 100%  3 Pages