Individual Writing—Middle Man

   Individual Writing—Middle Man In this assignment, you accomplish be unprotected to the ever-changing operation environment SPPs frequently aspect when they are operationing delay gaiety teams and forms. Issues allied to traveling delay teams, sharing influence intervenience, and special span accomplish be addressed. You accomplish also reflect one of the most influential questions consultants/educators aspect in their operation when they hold cancelment from an employer (or any third behalf) to agree services for employees (athletes, coaches, assistance staff)—who is your client? For this assignment, execute the subjoined tasks: 1. Read the subjoined article:   o Haberl, P., & Peterson, K. (2006). Olympic-size ghostly dilemmas: Issues and challenges for gaiety psychology consultants on the route and at the Olympic Games. Ethics & Behavior, 16(1), 25–40. 2. Choose one of the discretions below: o You are occupied as a gaiety psychology counselor (SPC) by a gaiety form to agree executeance reinstatement services for athletes. o You are occupied as an SPC by a propaganda coach to operation delay the team. o You are occupied as an SPC by a inventor to operation delay a cadet, boyish, or propaganda-going athlete. 3. Based on the discretion you own separated, transcribe a three- to five-page brochure protection the subjoined: o What are the virtual ghostly pitfalls you could aspect in your operation delay athletes as their SPC suitableness receiving cancelment from a third behalf? What ghostly dilemmas could initiate? o How would you chaffer delay these virtual pitfalls? How would you instruct the ghostly issues? Your brochure should be in the Microsoft Word muniment format. All written assignments and responses should prosper APA rules for attributing sources. Name the improve SP6300_M5_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc and succumb it to the  Submissions Area by the due date assigned.    Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum   Points   Developed the separated scenario to   examine virtual pitfalls and highlighted the feasible ghostly dilemmas an   SPP could aspect in such a predicament. 8   Provided alienate solutions for   each of the virtual pitfalls and lucidly pictorial strategies to chaffer delay   any of the ghostly dilemmas that can arise among SPPs and their clients. 8   Wrote in a disengaged, pointed, and   organized manner; demonstrated ghostly culture in considerate justice   and attribution of sources, displayed considerate spelling, style, and   punctuation. 4   Total: