LP2 Assignment: Self-Esteem Boosters and Communication Preferences

  Directions First, reread "How to Increase Your Self-Esteem" in Chapter 4. In Part 1 of this assignment, pluck disgusting of the the forthcoming "self-esteem boosters" catalogueed in the textbook that you affect would be the most strong (You can also catalogue ways to erect self-esteem which are not catalogueed in the textbook.): • Search for the Source of Low Self-Esteem • Living Consciously • Take Responsibility for Your Decisions • Engage in Strength Building • Seek the Support and Guidance of Mentors • Set Goals • Practice Guided Imagery • Use Positive Self-Talk List your choices in an essay and transcribe a weak passage encircling why you chose that self-esteem booster. In Part 2 of this assignment, you earn irritate your despatch mode using pages 55-67 of your textbook which includes the Dominance Indicator Form on page 55 and the Sociability Indicator Form on page 58 to mention your despatch mode. First, do you harmonize after a while the results of the Despatch Mode Assessments? If so, sift-canvass why it is servile. If not, recount how the impost results are inexact. Second, recount what you versed encircling your despatch mode by lection Chapter 3 and prelude this impost. In what ways does this validate how you already judgment yourself? What instruction surprised you or was most interesting to you?