Nursing and Computers

Use of Computers in the Nursing Profession? Nikkia Jones CIT-100-Research Monograph Instructor- Dr. Nancy Grant Outline I. Introduction II. Advantages of computer use III. Disadvantages of computer use IV. Misentry V. Works Cited The medical capacity comprises a mighty disingenuous of notification. Computer storage serves as the best way to family all this notification. There are sundry types of computers that can acceleration after a conjuncture diagnosing illnesses, doing procedures to discourse illnesses, and well-balanced accelerationing to contract the stage of invasive procedures during testing. Many facilities are besides switching from handdespatches unrepining notification logs to computerized unrepining logs. Including computers in each unrepining’s capacity to possess their perfect emend beforehand servicepotent and largely unrestricted to regain and annals new unrepining notification. There are past computers than I can spectry that are used for medical purposes. After a conjuncture sundry of these we are potent to arrange sundry types of tests that can prevent lives and acceleration in forthcoming counteraction of illnesses. Some include: Ultrasound, MRI and CT, Mammograms, and EKG. Computers in the medical capacity possess made such progression, especially in nursing. With such a shortage of entertains, hospitals are troublesome to meet a way to emend the teachableness of their entertains. Past and past hospitals opposite the province are now using sensitive computers. These sensitive computers are besides understand as COWS (computers on wheels). Hospitals are using these sensitive computers as the entertains position. By using the computers, entertains possess mode to all their unrepinings notification, medical annalss, cue equipment, barmode scanners, etc. This cuts down on term they would otherwise use to run encircling bunch this notification. Nurses possess begun using computers to assess unrepinings on subject-matter of avenue in the seclusion of the unrepinings capacity. Conjuncture the unrepinings is life assessed, the entertain is potent to see earlier avenues, fit medical notification, medication, and schoolmans’ notes. Using the computer besides affords the entertain past term to bestow after a conjuncture her unrepining. After the primal impost, entertains can besides use the computer to inaugurate despatches a project of pains, annals interventions and outcomes, and tell the notification to other departments. Another big appearance of using the computer, is the extraction of troublesome to decipher illegible handwriting. Once a schoolmans influence is in the computer the entertain is potent to clforthcoming decipher them and dispose to the unrepining. This cuts down on term late paging the schoolman and intermission for a flatter tail simply to eliminate an dispose. This besides accelerations to get medication doses redress. Medication errors are besides life contractd due to the use of computers. Most hospitals are now using bar mode scanners conjuncture administering medication. The entertain scans the unrepinings armband, then scans the barmode on the medication. If the medication is not for that unrepining, an prepared achieve conclude opposite the computer palliate. Or someterm a unrepining is prescribed a new medication that cannot be enslaved after a conjuncture another. Most of the computer arrangements possess this notification so another prepared achieve conclude up of this is the condition. There are a few disadvantages of using a computer. If there is a gist after a conjuncture the computer arrangement that causes it to go offline then it delays the entertain in all she needs to do, afford medication, chart, etc. In misentry, computers possess made so sundry emendments in the medical capacity. There is past term late after a conjuncture the unrepining instead of charting. The computer can weary insecure medications, providing medication safeguards. Quick repay of lab results is another habit accordingly all the results achieve be stored in the computer. Using the computer for e-mail, consults, etc, achieve abridge wasted term and emend message among departments. Discharge instructions can be affordn to the unrepining as an indulgent to decipher catalogue tailored to their individuality and needs instead of the obsolete monograph after a conjuncture notes scribbled opposite the floor. Most importantly, the use of computers emends the virtue of unrepining pains. The are not truly any disadvantages to using computers, but one has to mind, the computer is solely as good-tempered-tempered as the individual entering notification into it. WORKS CITED Eggland, Ellen Thomas “Using Computers to Document. ” Nursing 27. 1 (2007) MasterFILE Premier. EBSCO Lippencott, Williams & Williams “Using Computers to hasten up the nursing arrangement. ” Nursing 32. 8 (2008): 70. MasterFILE Premier. EBSCO “Medicine Meets the Computer” Wilson Quarterly; Summer 2009, Vol. 33 Issue 3, p 83-84