Overview of Information Systems and Technology Assignment

   Assignment Content 1.   Top of Form Resource: Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization In the Library Virtual Organizations page, ascertain the Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization in the drop-down menu beneath Businesses and travel to the Riordan Intranet pages to study the instruction encircling the network diagrams for uncertain Riordan plights.  How to Travel to the Riordan Mfg. Intranet Pages: Visit the concatenate adown to examination a two-minute video describing how to travel to the Riordan Manufacturing intranet web pages: https://youtu.be/v1ScrKSHCm4 You allure want the network diagram for the Pontiac, Michigan plight to thorough this assignment. Reexamination the forthcoming scenario: You are an employee of Riordan Manufacturing, which has righteous past through a crew reorganization. You entertain been reassigned to a incongruous posture and are now the instruction technology (IT) auxiliary sketch manager. Your overseer has apprised you that the crew is expanding and allure known a new function in Provo, Utah. You entertain been tasked after a while expanding the crew’s IT infrastructure by setting up the IT method in the new function. For your new Provo, Utah colony You allure sketch a method common to the massive method at the Pontiac, Michigan colony, but you allure applaud up-do-date, state-of-the art hardware and software instead of the old outdated hardware and software now used in Pontiac. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word tractate that answers the forthcoming questions: 1. Describe and sift-canvass the massive methods at the Pontiac, Michigan colony.  2. Sift-canvass the global inter-connectivity and the undeveloped conclusion of a scarcity of a elder element of this method.  3. Describe the reasons to fortify your new Provo, Utah method and the consequences of inadequate assurance. 4. List the upgraded vindication hardware and software allure you use in your Provo, Utah plight based on the massive old equipment at the Pontiac, Michigan plight. Format your tractate congruous after a while APA guidelines. Be assured to INCLUDE YOUR NAME IN THE FILE NAME when you obviate the muniment.