reading response

INSTRUCTIONS:  For this assignment, you are to lacquire a principal fountain cognate to the resigned of the Nursing Dissertation in this module. Upon completion of the learning, you accomplish insufficiency to thorough a learning counter-discussion record. Reading counter-discussion records afford opportunities to exercitation understandledge and evaluation of sound conceptions of the good-tempered-tempered society we think in the succession. After learning the inception half of the Tao Te Ching meditate-on on the ideas, discussions, conceptions, and perspectives offered by Laozi. Think one of them that you confront intriguing, compelling, or dignified to your understandledge of the learning. In doing so, meditate-on the unfair reasons for why you confront it intriguing, compelling, or dignified. Possible thinkations to project is the power of an discussion in provisions of its nerve, its temperateness in provisions of deposition that can help it, its closeness after a while other ideas presented in the learning, its relatability to your own society (chiefly the unfair values and beliefs you hold--not righteous a legend about how one duration...), and how it compares after a while other sound perspectives you possess encountered elsewhere. Be understanding to interpret the discussion you select, specify sound concepts that you use, and afford examples to help your points. Your interpretation should apprehend textual help after a while citations; any citation phraseology can be used so crave as the page reckon of the adduce or comment is affordd. To acquire unmeasured merit and possess alienate sound profundity, your counter-discussion should be at meanest 400 articulation. READING: Laozi_Tao Te Ching_First Half.pdf GRADING POLICY:  There accomplish be a sum of 11 record entries; the smallest charges accomplish be dropped when careful the conclusive action. This results in 10 record entries, each substance excellence 4% of the conclusive action. 6 entries accomplish be actiond as merit/no merit and 5 entries accomplish be actiond according to the rubric. You accomplish not understand in measure which entries accomplish be actiond merit/no merit and which entries accomplish be actiond after a while the rubric; as such, entries should be thoroughd after a while the expectancy that the rubric could be used.