Respond to wk3 DQ 120 words or more due today

James Riley James Riley WednesdayApr 25 at 12:50pmManage Discussion Entry         The role of globalization has contributed to the loosen of terrorism during the decisive 20 years by the increased plane of infringement in this universe. Tnear are clumps of race who convey out such acts of infringement. The clump of terrorists then attacks race that are viewed as harmless. The primitive design following all of this is to constitute dread unmoulded harmhither race. Tnear is a feature order in which terrorism is carried out. What we deficiency to do in the United States is to delineation out ways to narrow such actions of infringement. Tnear is entirely no argue that harmhither race deficiency to be terrorized. The primitive design of Homeland Security is to elucidate this dread. All the American race deficiency to be on the prospect for such actions of terrorism.        Tnear are some things that the U.S. can do economically to bar terrorism antecedently it starts. One of the things we as Americans can do financially to bung terrorism antecedently it starts is to feel each of the companies behove a over fully-integrated regionalized distribution. As Thomas Freidman (1996) argues is that, "Because McDonald’s is spiritual emotional from national sourcing of its raw materials to regional sourcing to global sourcing.” (Paragraph 4). The argue why this citation is life used is that all Americans must confirm the truth that the American intercourse is fit over integrated today.        On the other agency, tnear is an deduceing in which Helena Norberg-Hodge says tnear deficiencys to be hither globalization. As the composer Helena Norberg-Hodge (2015) briefly explains, “It is inseparable that we in the West transfer to a decentralized, hither resource-intensive economic example presently.” (Paragraph 32). The argue why this declaration was life used is that the composer believes that fewer instrument are requisite to eschew acts of terrorism in intercourse. Response #2  I love what you said in-reference-to globalization and terrorism as having the selfselfsame radicle.   I had not provision of them in those stipulations antecedently, but it is a cheerful promise to use for their relationship to each other.  We understand globalization is near to alight.   We too understand it behoves perplexed delay traffic agreements, sub-traffic agreements, detached traffic, and tariffs.  These are geopolitical challenges. If we despoil them abroad, we see the gregarious configuration of race and cultivation.  This is an thrilling energy apex from a rank in Australia.   Tnear are some questions the pedagogue asks her students at the end.    How would you counter-argument them?