I WILL NEED WORK BACK NO LATER THAN 8:30PM.  ORIGINAL WORK ONLY! I WILL LOOK PASS CRAZY HIGH BIDS!!!!   Brand Positioning and Diplomacy PowerPoint For this offer, excellent your cosset stigma, and draw the reasons why this stigma is so appealing to you. You should elevate elucidate the ideas represented on the slides by using the slide notes lineament. The delineation adown can be used as a pilot for the offer, and the estimate of slides for each area may differ in your offer: Slide 1: Develop your inscription slide. Slides 2-3: Introduce your selected stigma, highlighting a few of your cosset effects. Slides 4-7: Determine and draw how your cosset stigma has gained communicate portion-out and popularity in conditions of its stigma avowal, stigma diplomacy, and effect positioning. Slides 8-10: Elucidate how your stigma has created appraise and debris appealing to you as a constituent of its target communicate. Create a PowerPoint offer consisting of a stint of 10 slides, not counting the inscription and intimation slides. You must intimation at smallest two tenets from business-related or intelligence websites. All sources used must be intimationd; paraphrased and quoted symbolical must accept congenial citations. Use APA name pilotlines for formatting of intimations.