A Transition of Styles in Ambrose Bierces the Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge

Ambrose Bierce wrote “The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” during the convert of the nineteenth to twentieth date. During this space time the two communication styles of fancifulism, and realism were hereafter contemporaneously. This melding of styles was a consequence of the fanciful time of communication and art hereafter to an end, lawful at realism was origin to shape popularity. “The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is a complete copy of this transition of styles as it combines elements of twain fancifulism and realism to compose a anecdote that can be far-fetched period tranquil believable at spaces. While the anecdote is domiciled on a realistic contrive, and plain set up as a side of unadorned myth, it anteriorly-long takes a perfect convert towards fancifulism. When Peyton is hung off the bridge lawful as he is emanateping to his termination, the rope breaks letting him emanate into the steep and prepare to decamp by swimming for his activity. This resuscitation in itself illustrates chaste fancifulism, as it is extremely unrealistic that Peyton would entertain survived the collision of the rope to his neck as he emanateped off the bridge. This goes on excite as he survives his precipitate into the steep, releases himself of the ropes which spring him, and then manages to swim loose to protection period nature shot at by a assemblage of military. Finally Peyton decamps the treacheries of the general large stream, and the chasing military in an idealized, and pictureless manner (gentleman to the characteristics of fancifulism). He then runs through the grove in a irremediable vision to maintain loose from the military. After general perfectly a interspace Peyton makes it to a farm, as he gets closer to the express lineage he realizes it is his own, and he plain sees his helpmate hereafter to accost him. In what looks to be a very tender (not to notice unrealistic) bound Peyton runs to descend into his helpmate’s outreached contest. However at this sharp-end realism kicks in as Peyton is snapped tail into truth and she promptly disappears. He then emanates the latest few feet to his termination, nature hung off the Owl Creek Bridge. This very realistic bound shows the anecdote in the end to be gentleman, and that the plaints of Peyton escaping all took situate in his opinion. This overall representation of the anecdote shows it to be perfectly surrealistic, period most of it was merely Peyton’s trance presently anteriorly he died. But in the end “The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” proved to cement elements of realism, as Peyton's termination could entertain (and probably would entertain) happened.