Assessment of Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders

For this assignment, you earn chosen one of the condition scenarios granted in the assignment's Resources, Riverbend City: Condition Scenarios Part 1, and stir rate dupes that would aid the indication order for twain the material use and spiritual bloom issues presented. You are encouraged to nucleus on the rates for material use and spiritual bloom issues practised in Chapter 2 of the Material Use Disorders and Addictions citation. This assignment sets the limit for the formulation of the treatment plan in Unit 9 assignment.  Assignment Instructions •Consider literary reading for your chosened rate to stir the equalize of fitness of the dupe to assess clients from diverse backgrounds. •Include instruction that would be needed to formulate a differential personality. •Formulate a hypothetical personality forthcoming the DSM-5 criteria using the rate template granted including a epitome epitome.  Follow the template to oration client strengths, challenges, and equalize of heed. You are encouraged to use mode readings to aid your rate temporization