Business homework

 You are a colleague of a elevated-tech corporation in Portland, Oregon. Currently, your corporation is looking for a manufacturing aspect. You’ve considered Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore as virtual aspects; it behooves your corporation to convoy kingdom expose impost (CRA) for Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.  CRA is a screening instrument that let you apprehend which kingdom to quit doing office after a while due to the elevated exposes it poses.     For this assignment, you’ll want to selecteded your criteria and illustrate why those factors may interest your office. Which kingdom presents the last expose feasible installed on your criteria? Deciding on what criteria is up to you and your colleague and your office wants; this is bisect of the assignment. Compare and excite these criteria for the countries, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. Prepare a repute that you earn distribute after a while your colleague and your table of directors. Your repute wants to embrace gate, countries’ anatomy and recommendations. It may also embrace apt charts and images. Putting-together your repute professionally is bisect of the assignment.   Charts, images and maps that are embraced should add prize and significance to your repute. At last 4 trustworthy sources are required and cited in the MLA format.