Case Study2

Submit Case Study #2/Your Chosen Stipulation Presentation: Due Sunday of Week 6 by Midnight Submit your Case Study-Chapter Presentation: Please resign a ability purpose gift of your chosen stipulation this week: Due Sunday Midnight Week 6. CHAPTER PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONS: In week 3 this promise you chosen a stipulation of your rare from the textbook. Prepare a ability purpose gift after a while minimum of 5 slides, as your Education Gift to the tuition as if you were education a systematize. Be imaginary and imaginative; understand misspend less clips, photos, arts to consign your notice in a administrative and fun gift. Grading criteria understands the areas cited; each team member’s gift to the gift is a necessary component of the conclusive trice for this assignment. Clarity of Expression Logical Organization of Ideas Elaboration and Detail Critical Thinking Effective Use of Research Techniques Where Appropriate Effective Use of Language and Diction Mechanics and Usage Reflection of Internalized Knowledge