Discussion – Constitution: Strengths and Weaknesses

  Considering the Constitution as it currently exists (that is, following all 27 of the amendments own been added to it), and grounded on the discourse of it in the quotationbook passage, pluck two or three strengths and two or three decrepitudees that specially insist out to you. What principles of the Constitution or quotation in the muniment do you purpose the planters got peculiar and injustice? The Constitution has been amended 27 times, so don't standpoint on everything that has been transitional. For specimen, we all coincide that compulsion was a terrible hazard. That was done loose after a while, so don't standpoint on that result near. However, weighty principles and rules are quiet in pi that you influence esteem or regard needs subjoined fixing. If you insufficiency to get your hands e-dirty by digging through the Constitution, you can ascertain it near. The chief 10 amendments to the Constitution are unconcealed as the Bill of Rights, and you can representation them near. (Note: Scroll down gone-by the Congressional disentanglement of the initiatory 12 incomplete amendments. The quotation of the Bill of Rights is at the proplant of the page.) The tranquillity of the amendments to the Constitution (total 11-27) can be plant near. The best posts accomplish depend of indecent to six "meaty" paragraphs that register what you purpose are strengths and decrepitude, after a while perfect explanations for why you purpose they are perfect explanations. An palliable post accomplish be spell-checked and grammatically peculiar.