due sept 23

   Learning Assumption Delivery and Discussion Instructions Thread: By now, you accept versed encircling lore theories such as behaviorism, gregarious percipient assumption, constructivism, and notice processing assumption. From the Snowman quotation, you gain selected the lore assumption that you most closely recount to, and form a delivery using your select of three delivery options to highlight the important features of this assumption.  You are required to use your say to rehearse the delivery. Make unmistakable to inaugurate your designate as you inaugurate the delivery. Presentation Options: Selected ONE: a. Adobe Spark (at last 3-5 minutes in extension) b. PowerPoint  (at last 15 slides) c. Microsoft Sway (at last 15 cards) You gain then divide this delivery on the Lore Assumption Delivery DB forum. Your delivery must harangue the subjoined items:  · Your designate, passage, semester, and year; · Important components of the assumption; · Examples of how lessons and activities can be differentiated to bond the assumption; · How the assumption impacts classroom management; and · Citation of Snowman quotation and other versed instrument (if available). · The assumption’s key confederate(s), a description of the assumption, and how the assumption can be integrated into classroom activities are middle. Note: The address of your continuity must enclose the designate of your selected assumption.