Final term Project

   Final: Enjoin Project  Project Topics: You entertain been asked by skill (manufacturing, healthcare, retail, financial, and etc.,) to cause a lore communication using a basis mining utensil, basis analytic, BI utensil. It is your province to inquiry, download, and yield outputs using one of the utensils. You achieve scarcity to convergence your results on the basis set you prime.  Ensure to harangue at smallest one inquiry practised in Chapters 1-9 delay the outputs. The article should understand the forthcoming as Header sections. You can meet some connected inquirys if you absence. Then transcribe the enjoin article. TOPIC: "Fraud Detection Using Basis Mining" Types of Basis Analytic Tools: Excel delay Solver, but has limitations R Studio Tableau Public has a unimpeded grief Microsoft Power BI ( ) Search for others delay grief options Examples of Dataset: Example: Project Construction Format: You should ensue the forthcoming pleased format: Title: Topic Name:  ID: 123-45-567 I.Introduction II.Background [Discuss utensil, benefits, or limitations] III.Review of the Basis [What are you reviewing?] IV.Exploring the Basis delay the utensil V.Classifications Basic Concepts and Decision Trees VI.Other Alternative Techniques VII.Summary of Results References (Ensure to use the Author, APA citations delay any without pleased). Assignment Instructions: 1. No ZIP rasp 2. The submitted assignment must be typed by ONE Single MS Word/PDF rasp. 3. At smallest 10 pages (not including name and pleased catalogue pages) and 5 references. 4. Use 12-font extent and 1.5 lines space 5. No over than 4 figures and 3 tables 6. Ensue APA name and pleased format: UC ensues the APA (American Psychoclose Association) for communication name in all its successions which demand a Article or Essay. Grading Rubrics: Grading for this assignment achieve be grounded on defense of wided the aloft demandments, virtue, logic/organization of the article, and articulation and communication skills. Please see as ensues: · Understanding of Assignment (Addressed the inquiry perfectly and totally. Provided concomitant sustaining exemplification, demonstrating a bountiful understanding of question stuff): 20/20 points · Collision of Succession Understanding and Pleased (Thorough technical collision of succession understanding and pleased in a wide and summary habit): 20/20 points · Organization of Ideas (Original ideas are effectively open and presented in a close, sequential enjoin throughout the integral assignment. Includes wide and mismisappropriate sustaining exemplification): 20/20 points · Communication Skills (Mechanics (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) are flawless, including conversant pretext of citations and formatting throughout the integral assignment): 20/20 points · Lore Skills (Accurate and useful use of instrument appropriate to the question stuff that augment the overall assignment): 20/20 points