Political Geography Resume Instructions For this operation, I own assigned each of you a empire discussed in the Political Change pdf. After balbutiation the individuality in the pdf about your assigned empire, you achieve examination what’s happened in that empire, politically, since 2012 to induce the assort up-to-date. Please summarize your findings – try not to get bogged down in too abundantly detail; instead, grant us the overall condition. You should celebrate your resume short (encircling 500-750 language), but you should use ample sentences, amend language, spelling, punctuation, etc. Please do not use Wikipedia! Instead, use an online newspaper/news seat for your examination love BBC News, Miami Herald, NY Times or a calculable from your assigned empire. You potentiality try looking up your empire’s “timeline” on BBC News as a starting purpose. Shaft you resume in the “Political Geography” Discussion Forum by by 11:59pm on the due determination, and to-boot shaft a observation to the Assignment Dropbox (Turnitin) – it achieve NOT be graded intrinsic you’ve shafted it in twain places. If further than one individual is assigned to a unique empire, each individual should shaft their own resume.