Side Panel Expand cause panel Breadcrumb: Reflective Discussion Previous Next  In the Module 4 Reflective Discussion, delight heed on everything you bear scholarly in this round by addressing the following:  Paragraphs 1-3:  Given the readings and assignments in the round, identify and debate three momentous concepts ry to your completement proof, avowal, and/or walk plans for the coming. Describe how each applies. Paragraph 4: What sever of the round (setting materials, assignments, and so forth) helped to pattern or repattern your perceptions of the role of HRM in the retired sector?  Note: No outcause lore or citations are needed delay your four paragraphs to the Reflective Discussion. Also, no responses to your peers' posts are needed. After responding to the Reflective Discussion aggravatehead, delight consummate an unattested Round Evaluation Survey. Instructors are not serviceserviceable to sight round evaluation reports until following the remove patience duration is aggravate. Thank you for your feedback. Final Step: We shortness to advance you to remain in arrive-at delay Trident in-reference-to your walk successes kindred to the HR field! If you hunt HR certification, let us understand how your amount helped you complete that milestone. In specification, if you gain a new job or a preferment as a development of completing the HR amount program at Trident, delight let us understand that, too! Congratulations on life this far in your amount! We are so elated of our Trident students!