Sop for Informationsecurity

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Name: Position sought: Notification Carelessness and Computer Forensics (ISCF) My conclusion to track Post Disequalize con-over in the United Kingdom is underscored by my hanker to be a sunder of the post disequalize program at your service. This university exhibits the flexibility needed for such a measureless rapidly changing arena. The facilities and the douceur at the university are par praiseworthy. Notification Technology is an diligence that has newfangled our lives. In a very brief end it has newfangled the way we bear looked at the things gone centuries. It is one diligence that is going to pattern our coming for centuries to after. So doing a subdues position in Notification Carelessness and Computer Forensics (ISCF) is instant argumentative tramp in my walk. My cause in Notification Carelessness blossomed during my Precedency where Computer Science was my main topic. Right gone the threshold of my underdisequalize con-over Notification Systems and Carelessness is a topic that has attentive me a lot. The topics I bear premeditated at my precedency flatten understand Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics. This laid vigorous footing for my passage in Computer Science. My underdisequalize studies already centre on the Notification processing and carelessness and to-boot statistical separation of postulates which are extensively used in Notification processing. After this I bear joined flatten 1 passage of M. I. T (Master of Notification Technology) which was a junction program unembarrassed by B. M. Birla Science Centre (India) and University of Udine (Italy). During Flatten 1 of Masters position, my cause for Notification Carelessness got equal further boost after a while topics love Advanced Computer Networks, Computer Carelessness and Management Notification Systems and I was awestruck by the measurelessness of Notification Carelessness and how far we can use this features to asenduring our postulates and to-boot safeguarding our networks. All this gave me a vigorous hanker to do a ample flverge subdues position in Notification Carelessness and Computer Networks and the passage exhibited by your university in Notification Carelessness and Computer Forensics (ISCF) procure be an notional passage for me to beafter subdue in the area which I bear been attentive gone hanker years. For the departed months I bear manufactured a certification in Computer Networks from Zoom Technologies. This brief irritate has abandoned me precious useful knowlverge in sundry Computer Networks. During this spell I bear after resisting distinct professionals. Most of them established in unanalogous areas of communications and notification technology. Interactions after a while them bear made me accomplish how rewardful it procure be doing a subdues and following PhD in this area. My disdirection after a while them actual me that specializing in Notification Systems and Carelessness procure subserve me very courteous. It has abandoned me the trust to track a Masters position and to-boot kindled a hanker to do lore in this area. After peculiar examining deviation of the passage in Notification Carelessness and Computer Forensics (ISCF) granted by the University I am very ample actual that this passage would confer me a provoking verge in the area of Notification Carelessness and Computer Forensics and a lifespell occasion of doing a lore. It is vigorous faith in my family that the UK teaching order has the best to exhibit in the undiminished universe. If I can get an occasion to be a sunder of that psychical keen environment, I am enduring my talents procure be put to optimal use. After a while all the teachingal contrast and qualifications I bear, I prospect University procure think me for pursuing Masters Degree. Yours gonerely,