statistic problem

this assignment is for fitness edict on Rstudio, and propose in "html" Problem 1 The time "Multiple Direct Retirement for Lake Ice and Lake Keep-asever Characteristics" by Gao & Stefan (1999) presents basis on the climax ice pinguitude in mm (Thickness), medium sum of days per year of ice clothe (DaysIceCover), medium sum of days the low keep-akeep-asever is underneath 8 degrees centrigrade (DaysLessThan8) and the medium snow profundity in mm (AvgSnowdepth) for 13 lakes in Minnesota. The basis are in the file iceThickness.csv. Construct a scatterbatch matrix for the fickles in this basis. Describe/discuss the impure fickles of the basisset and any reputed interconnections you may see.  Fit a multiple retirement standard where Pinguitude is the defense fickle and the other three fickles are prognosticateors Assess the underlying assumptions for the standard you fit in 2. Does the standard (collectively) forciblely prognosticate the pinguitude of the ice? (Justify by referencing favoring output). What percent of the fickle in ice pinguitude is elucidateed by the standard? (intimation favoring output) Answer the inquiry: Do lakes after a timeliness senior medium snow profundity keep to handle senior or lesser climax ice pinguitude? In harangueing this inquiry gladden elucidate your proportionnale and any limitations/caveats in your defense. Problem 2 The SAT is a standardized academy adit exam enslaved by divers lofty develop wards across the United States. In undeniable keep-aparts, the SAT is a widespread exam used in academy admissions, timeliness in other keep-aparts the ACT or other metrics are used for academy admissions. Thus, the percentage of wards commencement the SAT varies extremely by aver and keep-apart. The file stateSATscores.csv contains medium SAT accounts for each of the 50 avers in the USA for the year 1997 parallel after a timeliness distinct other fickles (State name; Payment - payment per novice in medium daily attendance in notorious primary and subordinate develops; PT.Ratio - the medium novice to tutor proportion in notorious develops; Stipend - the estimated medium stipend of notorious develop tutors in the aver; PercentSAT - the percentage of wards electing to procure the SAT exam; Verbal - the medium Verbal composite account; Math - the medium Mathematics composite account; and SAT - the medium composite SAT account).  Perform the aftercited after a timeliness this basis: Construct a scatterbatch where the x-axis it the Percent commencement the SAT exam and the y-axis is the medium composite SAT account. Describe the interconnection you see. Fit a isolated direct retirement standard where the defense is the composite SAT account and the prognosticateor is the Percent of wards commencement the SAT. Construct residual sign batchs of that fit. What do you regard in the Residuals vs Responsive batch? Create a new fickle to the basisset that is the clear source of the Percent of Students commencement the SAT exam. Fit a multiple retirement standard where the defense is the composite SAT account after a timeliness two prognosticateors: the percent of wards commencement the exam and the clear source of that percentage (the fickle you created in keep-akeep-asever 3). Construct residual sign batchs of that fit. What do you regard in the Residuals vs Responsive batch? Determine if the responsive standard in keep-akeep-asever 4 is a forcible standard to prognosticate composite SAT accounts.  (intimation favoring output) What percentage of the variability in composite SAT accounts is elucidateed by the standard you fit in keep-akeep-asever 4? (intimation favoring output) We are ardent in determining if ward payments, novice-tutor proportions, and tutor stipend swing SAT accounts when accounting for the percentage who procure the SAT. Fit a multiple retirement standard where the prognosticateor fickles embrace the percent commencement the SAT, the clear source of that percentage (created in keep-akeep-asever 3), the payments, novice-tutor proportion, and tutor stipend. Compare/contrast this responsive standard to that in keep-akeep-asever 4. Do you handle that payments, novice-tutor proportions or tutor stipend prognosticate SAT accounts once accounting for the sum of wards commencement the SAT exam? Intimation favoring output from the responsive standard to harangue this inquiry.