Swot of Mamee

MAMEE Double-Decker has numerous things going for it, unmoulded them, a cheerful-natured-natured financial course annals, a robust et shuffle, wide infamys and reasonably cheerful-natured-natured dividend payouts, which definitely makes it desert noting. MOST KIDS PROBABLY KNOW the `cerulean brute' and most adults enjoy probably met them as well-behaved-mannered-mannered. Fear not as we are probe talking encircling the ever-illustrious Mamee Brute snack help, which comes chiefly in minute packets that are expendd daily by its longing fans. That probably sums up the general visage of listed Mamee Double-Decker Bhd, the assembly which produces this chaste snack help. But timeliness the cerulean brute remains the ever-lovable brute, the assembly has outgrown it and today, Mamee is substantially one of the quantitative snack manufacturers in the province after a while a robust influence in the ship-produce trade as well-behaved-mannered-mannered. And it has positively raise than abundance snack help infamy names in its vulgar solid, and in noodles and cultured lower formation as well-behaved-mannered-mannered. Do Mamee Monster, Mamee Instant, Mister Potato and Sllrrp! Noodles and Double Decker probe affable? How encircling Cheers and Nutrigen? These are the assembly's illustrious infamys, which are slight to give-a-blow-to a chord after a while most expendrs who expend them constantly. Still, the assembly itself - opposing nature listed past 1992 - is probably less affable to investors than expendrs. So, it is rather interesting partially to recognize that Mamee is substantially a fundamentally robust and hale assembly after a while development virtual as it expands its arrangement network raise and invests in new potato friable lines to dipast its stroll of snacks. This is penny for at lowest national examination branch, OSK Research, which inaugurated coverage on the assembly of-past and pegged an RM4. 00 target figure for the hoard. It cites that Mamee is desert a `BUY' opposing the hoard having approximately rallied 30% of past, citing the vulgar robust feeling on expendr counters.