The impact of information technology on the banking system

The application of instruction technology on the banking contrivance  ( chose any contrivance and fix it prepare the deliverables adown for grading purposes)  Project Deliverables The contrivance requires students to consummate three features: (a) requirements partition, (b) contrivance and postulatesbase artifice, and (c) a contrivance contrivance. Note that in the feature 3, students are required to use the MS Contrivance software for their contrivance catalogue. The deadline for the Singular Contrivance can be rest in the catalogue negativeion of the arrange syllabus. The subjoined layout format crust a appellation page and all three features is recommended for the contrivance. Title page (contrivance call, originator, and epoch) Phase 1: Requirement partition A. Problem definition B. Issues C. Objectives D. Requirements E. Constraints F. Description of the contemplated contrivance G. Logical example artifice Data flow diagrams   Context diagram   Diagram 0   Diagram 1 (Diagram 1 is optional)   Descriptions of processes in each diagram   Descriptions of outputs/inputs/performance/security or controls   H. Specific requirements, if any (interface, operational, productions, consummateance, etc.) Phase 2: Contrivance and postulatesbase artifice A. User interface Design an overall user interface consisting of screens, commands, controls, and features to strengthen users to use the contrivance. How postulates procure be input to the contrivance?   The physical layout for each input   The input artifice and procedures   How postulates procure be output from the contrivance?   The physical layout for each output   The output artifice and procedures   B. Postulates artifice Develop a contrivance for postulates structure, storage, updating, and retrieval. Database artifice     Database tables after a while their attributes should be presented   Primary key(s) should be signed in each consideration, if any   Three steps of normalization should be interjacent.   Entity-relationship diagrams   Data file storage and access   C. Contrivance edifice Determine the edifice of the contrivance as Web-based interface, client/server edifice, Internet/Intranet interface, network contour, etc. Phase 3: Contrivance contrivance A inventory of tasks or activities needed for implementing the contemplated contrivance Estimating problem span and costs A contrivance catalogue for consummateing those activities (Gantt charts or PERT charts) Note that there is no other required software package negative the MS Contrivance software in this ITEC-630 line. As a conclusion, you are solely required to use the MS Contrivance software to feel the scheduling part of the contrivance and for other compatability, you can use any tidings editing software or any intent tools software. Individual Contrivance Rubric The singular contrivance procure statement for 25% of your aggregate points likely and students should use the APA format for the format of the singular contrivance reports