Uber Question

  Uber is a ride-sharing employment instituted in 2009. If you are not affable after a while Uber, you can attain past environing the employments it provides at Uber.com. Construct an eight-page resolution of Uber using the subjoined criteria. Analyze the bargain precedently Uber’s entrance. Describe the stubbornness Uber exploited. Explain Uber’s surge pricing in the treatment of shifts in furnish and claim. Evaluate Uber’s surge pricing in the treatment of cost insight. Apply the concepts of economies of lamina and economies of occasion to Uber’s duty example. Apply the concepts of play supposition to Uber’s bargain. Assess Uber’s virtual for interpolitical paraphrase and virtual employment prudence issues. Explain the stimulus pay example Uber uses and how it affects the principal-agent height. Discuss any asymmetric knowledge issues after a while Uber’s duty example. Your essay must be at last eight pages in prolixity (not counting the distinction and references pages) and apprehend at last five peer-reviewed instrument. Adhere to APA Style when writing your resolution, including citations and references for sources used. Be knowing to apprehend an gate. Please still n ess that no intellectual is needed.