Using Financial Statements

   Navigate to the website of Johnson & Johnson  and settle the most novel annual noises. You obtain use the annual noises to imagine financial statements. These statements obtain grace the regard statements for your instance. Annual noises for JNJ can be ground on the company’s website and are usually settled in a exception titled Investors/SEC filings. · Use the annual noise to perceive the entirety general effects and entirety general liabilities. · Compute the general regard for JNJ for foregoing two fiscal years · Review noises on facts for the definite two years. · Net Currency Flows from Operating Activities · Net Currency used by Investing Activities · Net Currency used by Financing Activities · Currency and Currency Equivalents at the end of the Years · Imagine a Balance Fencing or Statement of Currency Flows for most novel two years · Identify trends after a while an evidence of if the financial statements illusion a direct or disclaiming for the form and investors. 1. Use Microsoft Excel to imagine at meanest three (3) graphical displays to illusion the trends (i.e., bar graph, pivot board, histogram, etc). You should emsubstantiality a observation of your graphs in the substantiality of your noise. 2. Discusses which year Johnson & Johnson show to be in a stronger financial lie and big differences between the 2 years (Keep in purpose that dollar amounts in ( ) are disclaiming or currency outflows). 3. Imagine that this instruction represents instruction for your scheme instance. Incorporate or regard financial instruction in your instance to subsistence the noise. 4. Summarize your responses in a noise using titles from the assignment requirements (i.e., effects and liabilities, currency flows/balance fencing, trends, financial lie)