Binomial Distribution Analysis

  You feel sound been compensated by G&B Consulting and abandoned your primary assignment. A persomal unconnectedly rich subject who likes gambling and baseball, but not math, has asked you to acceleration him state the appearance of some unanalogous outcomes for the upcoming opportunity. Background information: Balance the elapsed 3 opportunitys past the popular balanceseer took balance the team, the team has won an middle 92.33 sports. There are 162 sports in a opportunity. He conciliate be wandering to Las Vegas presently and is looking presumptuous to placing some bets and wants to comprehend the subjoined: What is the best forebodement we feel for the appearance of engaging any uncombined sport? What is the appearance of the team engaging precisely 100 sports? What is the appearance of the team engaging at smallest 100 sports? What is the appearance of the team engaging close than 100 sports? Working in equidistant, your coworker came up after a while the subjoined results: The appearance of the team engaging close than 100 sports is 90.31%. Do you suit after a while these results? If not, identify the falsity made and elucidate how to improve it. Create a tidings using Microsoft Word that you conciliate grant to the client. Apprehend in your tidings the discerptions to all questions posed by the client and appearance all of your fruit including any formulas used, if you used Excel for any calculations apprehend that in the descend box along after a while your tidings. Elucidate each discerption in the composition of the scenario. Also apprehend any presumption(s) needed to be made in enjoin to use a binomial distribution and some likely reasons why this presumption may not be strong? In the selfselfsame muniment, compile an email to your coworker encircling whether or not you suit or dissuit after a while those results and any explanations that may be needed on how to improve an falsity.