Social Media Assignment

Facebook, Twitter, and other Gregarious Resources entertain alterable the way sports organizations gain their planned audiences. However, the neglect for probe marketing strategies sweepings the identical. For this assignment, you conquer shape a PowerPoint donation environing how gregarious resources has impacted the sports immunity you pick-out from the granted register, focusing on merely one detail gregarious resources platform (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.).  Revision the grading rubric for this assignment. The donation should concur to the forthcoming guidelines: minimum of six (6) slides quantify your elaboration by showing how the quantity from gregarious resources has unsupposable the team in stipulations of exposure narration is encouraged but not required You may neglect to vision the forthcoming optional subscription to further you in creating efficacious and animated PowerPoint donations: Lifehack's 10 Tips for More Efficacious PowerPoint Presentations (Links to an outer footing.) Garr Reynold's Top Ten Slide Tips Preferred team : Los Angeles Lakers city: Los Angeles Preferred App: Instagram (use whatever has most counsel and best for purpose).