Of Mice and Men – Why Curley is Intimidating?

In the bulk, Of Mice and Men, Curley is the adversary who imagines problems for George and Lennie. He is a bellicose man who is weak in stature. Curley has a Napoleonic tangled and tries to discharge for his weak dimension by engaging after a period inhabitants who are greatr than him. This makes him feel bigger. The infer he is talented to alarm everyone by engaging, is that he has faculty balance everyone. Life the boss’ son he has no awe of price and is talented to do everyinvention after a period impunity. He uses his immunity as an habit, period he can struggle someone and not get into any molestation the other peculiar get and get not struggle tail. Lastly, he has an absolve to struggle; Curley is weak and if he thinks someone bigger than him is foreboding he can struggle them. The ocean infer Curley is talented to alarm everyone is accordingly he can do everyinvention after a periodout the awe of price. Curley is the boss’ son and has a tall faculty balance the other workers. He is talented to choose a struggle after a periodout the price of losing a job. Curley’s immunity is intimating to other inhabitants, they perceive that Curley is talented to do everyinvention to them, and after a period his unsavory peculiarality they are distrustful that he could do bigwig very violent. Most inhabitants affect Curley get bold and say they would struggle, but after a period Curley the other inhabitants perceive he get do it. This delaydrawal of restrictions is a infer to struggle past; gone there is no price he does it past. Curley, after a period his ability to do everyinvention after a period impunity get inducement numerous embarrassment for twain Lennie and George. Curley is very foreboding to everyone accordingly he has the habit of immunity. Not singly that he can do everyinvention he wants after a periodout a importance, but the other peculiar cannot do everyinvention tail to him. The other inhabitants perceive that flush if Curley struggles them they cannot struggle tail in awe of molestation. He can dishearten other inhabitants by arduous to get them fired. For development, George is distrustful that Curley get choose a struggle on Lennie and when Lennie struggles tail they get surrender their job. Not singly are inhabitants distrustful of losing their jobs, but they are distrustful accordingly there are multifarious inhabitants on Curley’s verge. In the bulk, Candy says “S’pose Curley jumps a big guy an’ licks him. Ever’body says what a sport guy Curley is. And s’pose he does the selfselfsame invention and gets licked. Then ever’body says the big guy oughtta choose star his own dimension, and perhaps they mob up on the big guy. ” This gives him a feeling of faculty, he feels bigger accordingly inhabitants are distrustful to flush fling a terebrate at him. After a period Curley about the ranch it get be very dense for George and Lennie to repress their jobs. Curley is foreboding to twain George and Lennie, oceanly accordingly he finds any absolve to struggle after a period them. Curley frequently got “a morsel on his shoulder,” he is looking for any absolve to adopt in a engagement. For development, when he sees Lennie, he gets mad at wants to struggle. He uses Lennie’s great establish as a infer to “scrap”. Flush George wonders, “What the hell’s he got on his shoulder? Lennie didn’t do noinvention to him.” It turns out Curley lawful thinks Lennie is foreboding. George is besides distrustful that Curley’s helpmeet get imagine problems. George has to protector Lennie from her or Curley could use her as an absolve to struggle after a period him, flush though Curley’s helpmeet is a flirtatious dame. Curley can imagine multifarious absolves and all of them are strong accordingly of his tall faculty. All the infers that Curley is talented to alarm inhabitants after a period, are tied in after a period faculty. After a period faculty comes impunity, and life the boss’ son gives him the immunity to do everyinvention after a periodout importance. Gone inhabitants are distrustful to initiate a engagement after a period him, accordingly of awe of price, Curley feels a feeling of faculty balance other inhabitants. Lastly all the absolves Curly makes are strong accordingly of his faculty. Curley uses his instance in a way that alarms everyone.